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everything was so quiet. all you hear is the sound of your own breath and the ocean breathing as every wave pushes you up with each inhale and exhale. it's so alive.
Throwback to my personal photographer, @sosullivan20, taking photos of me at the Breckenridge Backroads Marathon.
getting up before sunrise is never easy, but nature has ways of making it worth it your while =)
Today was my first day back to a daily routine in 11 days. I thought about how people usually refer to this Monday after time off as back to "reality". It usually comes with negative connotation. Don't let your reality become a negative connotation. Look at everyday with worth. The little moments creating the lasting memories. We work hard everyday to be able to take week long road trips. To hike. To explore. The days that feel mundane are just as important as the adventure. I'm waiting for my husband to get home so I can give him a bear hug after a long day. That's back to reality, and I love it.
In many places, obtaining a permit before you head out helps land managers to understand how to protect resources and allocate funding. They can also help you get found if you're lost. Protect the places you visit by planning ahead and obtaining your permits when required. #planaheadandprepare #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
First Green lap of the season with Evan this weekend. Stoked for snow, but the rain's been petty alright too!
Trying to convince Milli that she doesn't have to drink all the mud, eat all the dirt and sniff every leaf on the trail 😂😄🐶
. (We miss you @milli.the.samoyed!)
Bathing in light, silence & solitude. A man.

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