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🎶Once I've been there...🎶
Let's talk about: "listening to your body". It's not a term I care to apply to my nutrition, but in terms of training, as a female, hormones have to be taken into account. This week was HARD on me. Fighting the expected cyclical fatigue makes my strength training a challenge, and though I stuck with my program (today was my max squat day at 140, yesterday max deads at 155), I just didn't feel that juicy pump. Solution? Made room for light band and cable work incorporating a bit of BFR. Still mentally more challenging than during other times of the month, but a nice boost after a hard time at the "bar". I've harped on this before in terms of nutrition. "Listening to your body" requires a good ear. Is the solution to stay in bed? Not a chance. Chasing those 185# squats and deads, and I want them caught by 🎄. For more on cyclical training adaptations in female athletes, check out Lyle McDonald. Interesting stuff.

Pad: @iprfitness
Mini band: @neeboofit 👖: @cls_sportswear
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It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised on pay day. To actually feel like your efforts and growth are being fairly rewarded. So many people wish they could travel but can’t because of the debt they have gotten themselves into. I was the same! Now I can happily say that whilst living overseas for almost 2 years - My debt is shrinking whilst my bank account is growing. I genuinely LOVE what I do, I’m leaving a legacy and creating freedom for myself and my one day family.... BUT I am never too good for the perfect thrift shop find - Only 6 pounds this coat! 😄🤘🏻#workhard #dothething #getitdoneson #leavealegacy #thriftshopfinds
The breakfast of champions ❤️❤️❤️
🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️Today required me to go through it...Find the strength within to get it in and win! -
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On the flo!! Whooped! I did some of the non modified moves today!!! WHAAAAAAA?!! So exciting!! Day 17 in the bag!!!
Love lifting!!! An hour passed by and I wasn't even mad! Lol 😝
What do you prefer; weights or cardio?
4:15am organic wake up ⏰✔️, double workout💦✔️, trip to grocery🛒✔️, did my team webinar slides & recognition board ✔️, walked to dog 🐶✔️, checked in on my clients ✔️ & got a car wash🚙✔️all before 10am‼️I may have done more in the first few hours of my day than most people achieve in a full 24 hours! .
Since then I've also gone LIVE for my CLEAN START BOOTCAMPERS that are taking my free challenge this week and broke down Holistic nutrition 101 + intermittent fasting {are you enrolled? Head up to stories to learn more & see a bit👆🏻👀}. I'm just now completing my outline for a call I'm guest presenting on tonight for a group of aspiring health coaches🍏 & have just one more call booked & a short visit with my coaches @eschneib and @the_fit_philanthropist 👭👭.
If anyone thought my job as a coach wasn't full or fulfilling they'd be mistaken. When I was working full time and only had an hour a day to build my business on, that's all it got...but with commitment, time, and a desire to make coaching my full time, within 1️⃣ full year I matched my income at my full time job, within 2️⃣ I broke six figures🏹, and within 3️⃣ I was able to relinquish my full time & be my own boss all day er'y'day 👊🏼. .
Head up to stories to see my take on nutrition & scroll back one post on my IG if you want a birds eye view into THE NO BOSS LIFE & how I built a successful online coaching business over the past few years.
Deconstructed "pepper steak" good!
IM30 day 16!! Tabata Strength...had to modify the tricep dips due to my tendinitis. I did extra stomach moves instead.💪 There is always always always a way to modify what you are doing in order to get the job done! When I had a tendon issue in my ankle I worked out sitting in a chair!🛋 Do not count yourself short or use excuses!!!
Where there is a will there is a way😉
Some mornings are tough especially when it’s brrrrrrr cold and the bed is cozy and warm but those post workout endorphins ARE EVERYTHING! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #MAXOUTPOWER #GLUTECHISEL #MILERUN #DONEDONEandDONE #NOEXCUSES #GETITDONESON #mommie0namission #lissetteshakira #WHENINDOUBTpressplay
Working out was the last thing I wanted to do today. I accidentally napped, so when I woke up I didn't feel like moving at all haha but I pushed through and got it done! I had to modify cuz I live on the 3rd floor and it's nighttime so I don't wanna upset my neighbors, but I still did it. Wanna know what motivated me to get my sweat on today? It was the freaking awesome accountability group I am apart of. How could I not want to work out when I see a bunch of babes working their butts off for their goals 🌼 #teamroottorise
So much #benching 😥 #topset of 3 with 200..followed by #boardpresses with @benchblokz then did 4x5 with 170 4th set was an #amrap which is shown, then sped up the video for them #chinups lol..#tacticalleggings from @rogueamericanapparel code: NGUNZ #upperbody #getitdoneson #camo #powerbuilding #strengthathlete #mindset #youvsyou
🏋🏼🏋🏽‍♀️There are times to GO and exercise despite not feeling like it, making gains & then there are times to rest listening to your body. Today was a GO Monday despite not wanting to😖😚😊. Ha, DONE ✅ -
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Coming into Monday like, "Hello Monday! I'm here! Whatcha got for me?!!!"

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