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A Migrant Hawker ( Aeshna mixta ) in flight, such a joy to encounter one of this guy in stationary flight, giving the opportunity to try a shot!
There is something weird in our civilizations, we name us as civilized and we kill, torture this kind of creature...
Last Full Moon rising over Sant’Ambrogio
Really can’t understand USA and their law allowing the free selling of guns...#lasvegas
Finally in my wonderful Liguria 💙💚
Finally it rains! In my favorite patch, but today i can only listen to the rain!
Last Friday we had a little storm, after two months without rain, finally it rains! From my office window, during the little storm.
Pinsa romana and Sole e Vento wine, yesterday evening, relaxing and amusing moments, wishing the same for my dear IG friends 🥂
12th August, 💚🐘World Elephant Day🐘💚
Taglierini with porcini mushrooms and white wine from Piemonte prealpi, my best wishes for a good organic health food ( without any Animal suffering )
Summer 2017, my best wishes for nice, relaxing, amusing summer months, dear IG Friends ☀️
The actions of each of us, human or nonhuman, have contributed to the world in which we live. We all have a common responsibility for our world and are connected with everything in it.
HS Dalai Lama
Full Moon 9 June 17
Not a so simple task here but the result gives to me great satisfaction! ( as always in life, the harder the better ). Close up in focus stacking.