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Can't stop listening. 🎧🔥 This is probably the BEST @VeilofMayaOfficial SONG composed and put out. Too stoked for OCT 20th when the album drops! Great work!
fusiend 13w ago
This is the Last Meal I will have til I get my Mind Blown at this @GameofThrones Season 7 Premiere Watch Party!! If I don't end up remembering what happens Tonight, I know the North will! 🐉 #GoTS7 #DragonStone
fusiend 14w ago
The NEW NEW Spider-Man Movie does NOT Disappoint. I repeat: it Does NOT Disappoint!

It's consistently fun right at the Get-Go just like every other @MarvelStudios film (ex: Guardians Vol. 2)! If you're on the fence about seeing it or not, it's worth it! This film continues to add to the bridge that will lead to the Avengers: Infinity War. All that's left is Thor 3: Ragnorak & Black Panther to fill us in til then. But as a film alone, it's Great! It's the better Spider-Man movie we've been wanting! It keeps you guessing and entertained all the way thru. Can't spoil it myself, so go out & watch it!
fusiend 18w ago
"Space Log 6717: I've crash-landed on a strange planet!" 🍕🚀 #pizzaplanet #30inches!!

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