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User Image globalboho2u Posted: Jan 15, 2018 7:52 PM (UTC)

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#Horriblethings about #Virgos (#thatareactuallyprettyfunny):
-if they decide to live a certain, peaceful way & you disrupt it, #FuckyourLife.
- they can see Everything you think they can see that has you being a snot towards them...and they're morbidly enjoying your tells.
- They get off on your exasperated screams...sometimes.
-other times they're exasperated by your screams because they know you're faking it... and will twist you til the true blood flows... #foryourowngood.
-they will call you on your shit...out of pure boredom and anticipatory glee.
-they will dime out your fake #friends in your face and walk away to finally make you deal with shit in your life #simplybecause they've tired of how you say some word that comes up every time you talk about the situation.
- they will deftly gouge out yer eyes to make you see your #blindspot that was irking them just to enjoy their latte in peace #youllthankmelater.
-they are loyal.until they see you aren't. Then they're just #loyal to utterly spite you until you break from your half-assed duplicity. #itsforyourowngood!
- that person you really want to fuck? They see it all over you. That's the reason for that weird giggle that comes out sporadically. They're imagining you finally having #woefulsex and your internal Carnage afterwards lol, murmuring "well if you hadn't lied all this time maybe the #orgasm wouldn't have Been like that.”
-they will encourage you to fuck crazy people based on very true shit no one else sees about you from a purely #therapeutic perspective for your #psyche.
- they will #mindfuck you just because they know you need the release #thatswhatfriendsarefor!
-they know you better than your mom pretty much on first sight...and will gleefully use that ... But #neverforget #theyaintgotnofnkids lolol.Even if they do lol. - #joyful tormentors
- They Love you... doesn't mean they won't kill you and frame who you listened to instead of them.
- They Consciously "have” #manners...until they don't. Remember that. It's a#choice lol.
-they will throw you to the demons you're insulting them by bowing to out the blue. Because they're DONE.

User Image submurged Posted: Jan 15, 2018 1:20 AM (UTC)

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