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This week has been an emotional & reflective time for me for many reasons. Today 3 years ago, I made a life changing decison to pack up all my possesions into my old 200 mile + Toyota and moved to Baltimore to work in a highly reputable and respected medical institution to work as an RN. I left the comfort of home, my friends, loved ones and a brand new relationship for a DREAM. A dream so big that I didn't think twice about accepting the offer.
Why ? Because I knew in my heart that I truly have the BEST support system a woman with a dream could ever have. I knew that there would be many tears (my father passed away almost exactly a year of me moving here) many tests (I wanted to move back in like 3 months) and maybe lose some "friends" along the way ( S/O to y'all that came to visit over the years, yes I'm being petty) But when it comes to something your heart truly wants, everything will be okay in the end and if it isnt, it's not the end.

I took a chance 3 years ago and without a doubt, I absolutely have NO regrets. This is probably the BEST decision I have ever made and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It's amazing, how much growth can occur in three years. I am so grateful to everyone that has been there & have given me timeless advice. I am so grateful for my new friends & family I have made here in Baltimore. I love yall ! Last but not least, thank you babe @marc_tdot for your endless suport, even though we lived apart for an entire year that shit almost killed me. My heart is full & happy. Ok acceptance speech over! Love, Emme aka "Charlie"

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Ugh. Tough ass loss... ah well.. at least we ain't 0-5 #raiders #fucktheravens
When she talks shit til u give em that hard 🍆 and all of sudden she wants to stalk u.😂😂😂 #foh #fucktheravens #BANGBANGSTILLERGANG

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