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🌞[No hace falta dar cc para usar pero si quitan mi marca; bloq]🌞
🌍|Me gustaría tener libertar para mi país|🌍
👻⇦Voy un poco muy apurada en este momento, por eso no escribo casi aquí jajajaja⇨👻
🌊≈Etiqueto cuentas bonitas al azar≈🌊
#MissBookworm #sfs #juego #comenta #separador #comenten #missbsfscomenta #purple #rain #sun #sky #rainbow #colorfull #wattpad #apuradaaaa #auxilio #fuckinginternet
Hi loves!! ( so I'm doing intros today in my group challenge and figured hey why not share here for any new or nosey followers. Some context I always ask my girls to give me their favorite picture where they felt most confident and happy and list 5 random facts here's mine) ••••••
I'm Shelby! ( duh!) •••••
I picked these two pictures because I loved that teal dress and the other because I freaking love Harry Potter and it's taken where they filmed part of it in Scotland.

5 facts about me:
•I talk REALLY FAST. I always have. People say I talk like I'm on drugs ( I'm not promise 😂) I think it's a coping mechanism I picked up from fear of public speaking. If I ever talk too fast tell me to slow down! I won't mind! •I freaking love Harry Potter and Disney movies. •I'm terrified of clowns. 🤡 even the emoji freaks me out
•I have a hard time saying no to people and it gets me into trouble and that's my current personal battle for myself is finding balance
•I'm one of 4 sisters. I am forever known as the fat funny one- even when I'm not longer ( that)fat and sometimes not funny. But I am the fun sister, always. •I love Trivia. I was captain of quiz bowl team and can kick anyone's ass at jeopardy. • Even though it took me 31 years to find what I want to do with my life, and my parents were probably worried I'd end up a bum or stripper, I love love LOVE what I do. Helping women and girls with PCOS doesn't feel like work at all. So I'm thankful everyday. •I'm bad at counting apparently because this is 8 facts but let's turn it into a positive I'm an over achiever eh?
When you have plans to Netflix and chill with a bottle of red and your own fabulous company and the internet has a meltdown and is cut off. So you have to get drunk and drunk text everybody on your phone instead 🙄😏 #imsorry #sorry #sorrynotsorry #fuckinginternet #redwine #netflix #netflixnchill #netflixandchill #drunk #wine #metime #feelingit #legit #drunktexting #finallyfriday #nokid #friday #finallyweekend #weekend #yaaaassss
You practiced all your life for this moment. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #fuckinginternet