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Happy birthday @betchbettahavemyhoney I’m so sad I can’t be there for your birthday dinner but I’m excited to celebrate next week. You already know how much I love and appreciate you but just wanted to remind you how important you are in my life and how no one will ever replace you or take your place. You’re the best and I love you 😘#happybirthday #throughthethickandthin #friendstiltheend #floridabuddy #partnerincrime #lovemyfriend #loveyou #letscelebrate
I hate this day.

This day, 6 years ago, you were stolen from us.

You'd think it's been long enough for the tears to dry up, but they haven't. Years later, I still cry at the memory of that phone call saying that you passed.

You were the best of us.

I still see you in every Tenth Doctor cosplayer, every stormtrooper, every electric violinist. I learned so much from you, seeing kind of legacy you left, how many people's lives you touched. I've remade my life to be the kind of person you were - kind, welcoming, humble, fun, hilarious, geeky, comforting, and open.

You were the light among darkness and ever do we need you now...I'm no Ryan Jones, but I'll do my best to keep your candle lit, body twin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
#ryanjones #tenthdoctor #doctorwho #locashcowboys #friendstiltheend
Had an awesome time shooting with the talented Such an amazing photographer! So grateful for the friendships that I’ve made through this fitness journey. We’ve created strong bonds and I’m looking forward to making more memories with all of you! 💕😘
Showed her my “wee wee” on the first day of kindergarten. She’s been hooked ever since. #friendstiltheend
Y'all see this dumb ass bitch next to me lol thats my bestfriend more like sisters we've been thru a lot together even arguements when we wouldnt talk to each other for months !! But i love this stupid hoe @mayra_serenity bitch u know i got ur back no matter what even if we ever got to the point where we cant stand to look at eachother I'll always be here for you Lumpa !!! Fucking dumb ass short bitch love you #friendstiltheend#thesedumbbitches #loveyougirl😂😈😈😈

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