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User Image sabolbecca Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:28 AM (UTC)
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User Image madisonjunelilley Posted: Nov 20, 2017 10:41 PM (UTC)
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ThankyouGGG I got my son down for a nap 🙏 haha man he is on one today 😂 but now about to hop on a 1:1 call with one of my loves in the tribe and talk bisnasss😎 oh and hey this mama I'm about to chat with just QUIT her job and is now her own MF boss thanks to this coaching gig 💃#soproudmygirl she came in with no excuses and crushed this ishhh🔥

Ugh I gotta say, the excuses get old tho. "Not enough time, not motivated, not a good time, can't afford it" like dude, seriously? I had a full time job, went to GRAD school online, was a new mom, worked this online biz, we were broke af and still made time for my family & friends 🌻🌿 I'm not anyone special; I just ditched the excuses and made shit happen (just like the babe I'm hopping on this call with and other girls in the tribe ⚡) let's just be real; you'll never have the time and you'll never be fact, over time-youll just have even LESS time and be RUN DOWN 🐗

Instead of using an excuse; try saying it's not a priority. Like it's totally cool but I just know when I wasn't making my health or ME a priority, I was tired; drained, unhealthy, mean, just not living life to the fullest. Then, I started this gig 😭 This is more than just selfies; shakes, working out-its becoming that best version of YOU, creating freedom and building a loving community ☄

Who knew this little part time thing could turn into something so huge in my life #freeaf 🌞🌌🔮 but I don't post to post, I'm here to HELP so running a LIVE video tomorrow night explaining how this biz works; what it takes, and how I help you become successful (if you work duh)❤ so click the link in my bio if you have ever wondered or you are ready to say YES to life my girl 💋 no obligations in there, just all love 💞

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