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User Image freeridestudio Posted: Jan 7, 2018 6:35 PM (UTC)
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With the New Year and our renewed focus on health and fitness, we can be vulnerable to begin comparing our bodies to someone else’s. Believing that if we just work a little harder, or eat a little less, maybe we’ll “look more like her.” For some of us, the thought of “getting back into shape” causes so much anxiety out of the fear someone will judge us by our physical self. These kinds of thoughts slowly eat at our perception of self-worth and are so destructive to the beautiful souls we were created to be. Every “body” was created to be unique and different because how boring would it be if we were all just alike? Instead of comparing, how about practicing self-assurance? Embracing the curves we were given, even if they’re a little more developed after the holidays 😉 Being kind to ourselves and know that our self-worth isn’t dictated by numbers on a scale. Say it out loud—during class, in the mirror, car, wherever you might be in that moment “I love my body.” Those 4 words said out loud can be tremendously uplifting, calming, and powerful to our psyche. We love every “body” and our mission is to help women love theirs as well ❤️ .
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