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Low key miss this shit 💯 final nights of practice were the littest 🔥hittin licks and finding stray pups but Steff's Quince was a good one🍼🍇#freemaria
Happy birthday to the best ride or die, trouble makin, chicken wing lickin, ass kickin Big sister! 👯You make life that more colorful and exciting! Love you BiaBia 😘 #mysisterisbetterthanyours #bestiesfromday1 #freemaria lol
#Throwback #BebasMaria #FreeMaria #Vigil - 23 Nov 2016, also the 10th anniversary of the launch of #Bersih as a grouping of political parties and NGOs in 2006 (it was only in 2009 that Bersih was given over to the NGOs to run as most of the steering committee members had won their seats in GE12). Maria had been detained under #SOSMA. I spoke at the vigil that night, saw my old rakan2 perjuangan from 2006 (Mat Sabu, Dr Hatta)... I asked the crowd 'who was at #Bersih1' and maybe 5 people raised their hands hahaha. I gave them a short history lesson that night, seeing as most people had no idea about the beginnings of Bersih. Thankfully, Maria was released on 28 Nov. But our fight for #CleanAndFairElections is far from over. #PeoplePower #SpeakUp #KeepUpTheFight #TanahAirTercinta #TanahTumpahnyaDarahKu
Prendiedo un feeling 🍁🍁.
Las 24hr. Cristiniando.. hahaha