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Throwback Thursday to when Fred swegles was taking some photos at rivi. Circa 2001 #orangecounty #sanclemente #throwbackthursday #surfing #riviera #arnette #fredswegles
Before the Big Leagues!! Chris Ward in 1992 or 93 when he was King of the Groms and a few years out from his turning point years with @lost9193 ... Here's to @psycho_ward137 !! #bestgromever 📸 #fredswegles maybe??
The OC register is getting ready to put out a thorough slide show from the skate derby. He's a little preview. @niko_hippo getting some help from his friends to make it over the box. Photo by #fredswegles
Rob Machado, 15, from Cardiff, California placed first in the juniors division of the 1989 NSSA Open season ratings, first in the juniors division of the 1988 WSA final ratings and topped off the summer of 1989 with a second in the Op Juniors. Photo: Fred Swegles in Surfing
#robmachado #fredswegles #surfingmagazine @rob_machado
Chris Ward wins the 12 and under NSSA Championships, over C.J. Hobgood, Josh Wilson, Damien Hobgood, Hagen Kelley & Travis Potter, June 1991 - Photo: Fred Swegles in Surfing
#chrisward #oceanside #fredswegles #surfingmagazine @psycho_ward137
Staying with the throw back theme: An early ad from #BeachHappy magazine. Featuring a #FredSwegles photo of @j.s.stauffer at the San Clemente Pier. Everything else in the ad hand drawn by yours truly. It is a veritable kitchen sink of all my typical art subjects at the time, and shows early incarnations of what would become the sort of designs we used to start @lost9193 with. Flaming Skull and waves, thorny vines, Japanese comics style girls, Metallica influenced logos even Vato style, cholo writing...carried over from my CHS days. All tossed together in a Punk rock gig flyer type of layout. This is from '91, and although @herbiefletcher 's name is no longer out front, 25 years later, the address and phone # are still the same!
Great article and photo of @samjsib by #fredswegles in today's #ocregister covering the #WSA Menehune Pirates Chest #surffest
Shorecliffs surfers @elijah_tomlinson and @biscuit_brother weren't too concerned about the state championships this weekend. But represented us well in the #timmydowellclassic at Riviera. Photo from the ocregister by #fredswegles
There is a nice little writeup on this weekends event at in local news for San Clemente. Lots of great photos by #fredswegles . Here's a good shot of @samjsib
@ryrymartin followed this pelican all the way to the finals this weekend at the @nssasurf states. PC: #fredswegles
#fredswegles of the #scsunpost captured the moment at the Surfing America Prime Salt Creek when @Kei_kobayashi won his first Prime and @griffin_cola and @colt_ward carried him up the beach with @nic_hdez Also great shot of @tiablanco winning Girls U18. In today's SC Sun Post.
The #ocregister has a nice little write up and some photos from this Saturday's event in their website. Here is one of the best shots of Gus, boys longboard winner. PC: #fredswegles