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2017_07/26 So amped to skim some clean waves this morning that I rushed to the beach only to realize I forgot my wetsuit. Pretty mad at myself for spacing on that doh! Then had to decide do I try to trunk it (no sun) or drive the hour round trip to get the suit and hope the conditions hold or just give up on the session altogether? I chose to go home to get the suit and a surfboard just in case I had to resort to that. Luckily it was still glassy when I got back and I was able to get a few fun one's before the tide got too high and waves troughed out completely. Still trying to get over some sort of butt muscle tear, so it was not the prettiest skimming but it was fun and something is better than nothing. #skimboarding #bodegabay #freakingidiot #solosess #selfiefilm
One of my favorite clips ever of one of my favorite people on the planet!!! How I feel most days driving. @xxhrhalex #freakingidiot #mingsmom so perfect love you Alex!!!
Are we there yet? 24 hours and made it through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. 7 hours and 3 states left! Why do my brothers have to move so damn far away? 😩
#FreakingIdiot #losers #RoadTrip #ohio #AllNighter #sunrise #sunset #DogsOfInstagram #Farnsworth #FamilyTrip #caffeine #monster #Coffee #EnergyDrinks #BerneseMountainDog #SaveMeFromThisMadness
Why you should not indulge in your children's innocent #fidgetspinner fun - you look like a (spinning) #freakingidiot
Im such a bitch! Im just gonna sleep 😴 right now and it's 5:40 in the morning! Just finish on designing mah scrap book! Such an idiot whom student will do their clearance/projects in midnight to morning Haha 😂 I am more accurate and active when it's midnight bcuz that is the time where my mind is so fucking colorful that i can't even fckng sleep Hahahha at least i used it perfectly 👅 Okay bitches! bitches need to sleep then another project works to do 🙌🏼 #shittyones #midnight #genius #justkidding #haha #freakingidiot #perfect
Freaking Idiot!
I HAD to borrow this from the Facebook page. I love ND!
Such a gloomy and rainy Tuesday here in East Tennessee so guess what that calls for? Nap time! The dogs are already passed out so I'm gonna follow suit 💤💤
#napoleondynamite #freakingidiot #makeupmeme #liveglam