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Twinkle ✨ Twinkle ✨ Little ✨ Tink

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Love Miss P🌴 xXx

Sassy Saturday ~ Black / White
User Image essentialoilysolutions Posted: Feb 17, 2018 11:19 PM (UTC)

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The 48-hour giveaway contest begins on 2/18/18! An opportunity to receive the Dynamic Duo + the 150 Uses Fast and Fabulous Booklet! 💜💚 Yes - rules apply! 🤓
Good Sunday Morning!
Today i remembered to put a drop of Copaiba and Frankincense under my tongue!
Great for brain health and immune support.
Copaiba is a cannabanoid and targets all the same neural receptors as CBD oil but without undesired CBD effects of the THC.
Plus Copaiba is much more easy to access as CBD oil has so many regulations to access or purchase depending on the country you live.
I am thinking to try and use Copaiba for my child who suffers epilepsy. Ill keep u posted on that.
Frankincense.... so so in love with it! The king of oils!
Good for everyone in my family!
Immune, skin, brain... covers all bases!
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User Image totalsenses Posted: Feb 17, 2018 11:15 PM (UTC)

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Our hypoallergenic stainless steel necklaces come with 5 felt pads, a small scent of choice (eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, lotus fusion, peppermint, or rosemary) & 24" chain.
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User Image barnesmarisa Posted: Feb 17, 2018 11:10 PM (UTC)

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Product spotlight Saturdays:
I have been loving me some Frankincense lately. It supports healthy skin and cellular function. It's aroma is calming, refreshing and uplifting. Diffuse during meditation or prayer to enhance the experience. Add a few drops to your daily beauty routine to improve the look and feel of your skin.
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User Image gettinoily Posted: Feb 17, 2018 11:07 PM (UTC)

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Let's focus on #gratitude!! What are you grateful for today? I got this blend to help get my priorities straight! It's so important to be grateful for what we have, imagine what we desire, and let go of what does not serve us and our purpose! 🙌🏼
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User Image share.wellness Posted: Feb 17, 2018 10:57 PM (UTC)
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-The motto- 😌
The science: Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils can have an immediate, positive impact on mood.
Olfaction (smell) is the only sense that can have direct effects on the limbic region of the brain (where emotions and memories are stored). Studies at the University of Vienna have shown that SOME essential oils and their primary constituents can stimulate blood flow and activity in the emotional regions of the brain.
Clinical studies at the Department of Psychiatry at the Mie University of Medicine showed that lemon not only reduced depression, but it also reduced stress when inhaled.
I personally love putting a drop of YL Frankincense and Orange under my tongue 👅 when I’m stressed or need grounding. If you’d like to know which oils you can use for this, message me ☺️
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User Image sweetwateressentials Posted: Feb 17, 2018 10:51 PM (UTC)

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When you write the story of your life don't let anypne else hold the pen.
When I ask kids what they are going to be when they grow up, they often say "Dad wants me to be a ...."
I say "But what would you like to be?"
It would be sad if they expended their life living out someone else's dream. Everyone has their own special gift to bring to yhe world.
#healthymind #naturalsolutions #giftsoftheearth #giftsoftheheart
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User Image schmittybls Posted: Feb 17, 2018 10:37 PM (UTC)

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Check out this roller ball with #doterra #deepblue #frankincense that my wife made for my arthritis in my finger.. it really works #lovemywife 💕
User Image ionrecovery Posted: Feb 17, 2018 10:06 PM (UTC)

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There’s Power in the #frankincense iON Foot Soak
User Image oiled4life Posted: Feb 17, 2018 5:56 PM (UTC)

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My daily intake of oils: 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👑Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits. In addition to its notoriety in the New Testament, the Babylonians and Assyrians would burn Frankincense in religious ceremonies and the ancient Egyptians used Frankincense resin for everything from perfume to salves for soothing skin. This centuries-old knowledge contributes to the modern uses of Frankincense today. It’s soothing and beautifying properties are used to rejuvenate skin and help reduce the appearance of imperfections when applied topically. As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to support healthy cellular function when used internally. When inhaled or diffused, Frankincense promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness. 🌳Copaiba essential oil is derived from the resin of the copaiba tree which can grow upwards of more than 100 feet and can be found in tropical South America. Copaiba oil is widely used in cosmetic products including soaps, creams, lotions, and perfumes. Since the 16th century, copaiba essential oil has been utilized in traditional health practices by the natives of north and northeastern Brazil. Similar to Black Pepper essential oil, Copaiba can help soothe anxious feelings and it can be applied to the skin to promote a clear, smooth complexion. Taken internally, Copaiba essential oil supports the health of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems. Although Copaiba does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids, the main component caryophyllene may be neuroprotective and have cardiovascular and immune benefits. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that promotes immune health. 🌿Petitgrain essential oil is derived from the bitter orange tree, which has a long history of use in traditional health practices. Historically, Petitgrain essential oil has been used for cleaning purposes and it has been used internally to support healthy immune system and nervous system function. 🙌🏻👏🏻
User Image thisfamilytree Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:50 PM (UTC)
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Quick update from the cottage! ❄️ So here are the oils I’m currently using on my growing belly every night, in super generous amounts. Though I’m calling it a stretch mark prevention serum (that being the ultimate goal), stretch marks are hugely impacted by your genetics, how you eat/drink, and your lifestyle. I’m trying to help improve my skin’s elasticity and suppleness for the rest of my third trimester as I continue to rapidly put on weight. NO SHAME in stretchies!! As I’ve mentioned before, I love mine from when I grew into a tall, strong woman as a teenager, and no matter your journey (motherhood, weight gain, weight loss, puberty, etc.), they are indicative of growth, change, and a specific point in your life. I am simply choosing to do what I can to aid my skin during this time of change, and to see if it does have an effect☺️!
• Stretch mark serum:
* 1 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil (improves complexion, deeply moisturizes, soothes irritation, relieves dryness & itchiness, nourishes skin)
* 1 tbsp Argan Oil (rich with vitamins A & E, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and linoleum acid, it is an incredible moisturizer)
* 1 tbsp Rose Hip Oil (treats wrinkles, firms skin, fades scars, exfoliates, evens tone due to the vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids within)
* 9 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (strengthens skin and improves its tone & elasticity, reduces the appearance of scars and acne) **I accidentally left out Frankincense in my video because of pregnancy brain. Forgive me!! **
* I combined everything in a bowl, whisked with a fork, and funnelled it into a 250ml glass bottle. * Use in the AM post-shower, and again in the PM. Massage into skin well, as it will stain clothes on contact.
* Have fun moisturizing! 😘

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