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User Image caawsbr Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:11 AM (UTC)

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caawsbr 37s ago
This is the kind of #adoptionupdatethat just melts your heart. This is Lexi, formerly known as Brie, adopted in August 2016. From Lexi's mom: "Lexi is my whole world and the reason I smile every day." I think it is safe to say that Lexi will never be without love and affection ever again! #fureverhome #happytails #adopt #foster #adoption #adoptdontshop #rescue #rescueofinstagram #rescuedog #dog #dogs #doggo #pet #animal #petsagram #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #ilovedogs #lovedogs #cute
User Image adoptrescue Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:10 AM (UTC)

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#Repost @sbht_lovesdogs_ (@get_repost)
We are not only struggling with financial problems, we are also struggling with heartless people.
We have built shelters for these puppies but the villagers demolished them.
They also threw away the food that we left.
They are harrassing and threatening us!!
HELP! HELP HELP!! #dog #dogs #puppy #puppies #help #adopt #rescue #foster #animalcruelty #animalabuse #evilpeople
User Image pokeypotpie Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:09 AM (UTC)

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Sometimes not knowing the size of your opponent is an advantage! Hagrid is more than 5 times Bop's size, but Bop only sees a game to be won, not a formidable foe! I feel like there's a life lesson for us all there.
#boptheblindkitten #mmmbop #pokeyandhagridsplayschoolforwaywardkittens #ldcrf #smallbutmighty #hagrid #gentlegiant
User Image thirtyonethirtyone Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:05 AM (UTC)
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User Image erindogovich Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:07 AM (UTC)

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PLEASE READ... ..more information . . 🔅.For those who need transport help to save a NycAcc dog...
Transport Assistance is available🚚🚚 Email Urgent.podr or MLD..emails below...⬇⬇
🔅FOSTERS ADOPTERS NEEDED....!!!! . - Publicly adoptable dogs can be RESERVED via if you can get to the NYC ACC "in person" within 48 hours to complete the adoption process and bring home your dog.
🔵. 🔆If you cannot get to the shelter in person, please message Must Love Dogs - Saving NYC Dogs for assistance with filling out applications with rescues to foster or adopt both publicly adoptable or Rescue Only dogs. 📧📧📧Email: 🔆
. 🔅The general rule is to foster you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to adopt you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA). ✔#Pledge✔#Tag✔#Share✔#Foster✔#Adopt✔# save a life! . ....
Email: 👊👊👊👊🔆
.AND ....
PLEDGES ARE A $amount you wish to pledge to a rescue towards the medical expenses for a dog the rescue saves. Once pulled you can honour your pledge to the rescue. They really appreciate it. SO GO ON A DOGS POST AND PLEDGE $ TO SAVE ☺
💰💰💵😷😷❤❤. .
. 🔅Thankyou for caring❤

#ny #newyork #newjersey #connecticut #pennslyvania #maryland #newhampshire #rhodeisland #vermont #massachusetts #delaware #newhampshire #washingtondc #virginia
User Image erindogovich Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:06 AM (UTC)

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. 🚩9 precious dogs are at Risk:
Please help 🐕TBD 12-12-2017 at NYC Acc..
🕜⏳🆘YOU MUST ACT BEFORE 12 NOON...AND DO NOT WAIT..🕥 . 🔶 🔍To view the full album, please click here:
🆘** ADOPTERS & FOSTERS NEEDED **. Publicly Adoptable dogs can be RESERVED AND The adoption must be done before NOON🕤...A strict requirement.
FOR RESCUE ONLY: APPLY TO NH RESCUES if you wish to #FOSTER a dog on the list. Fostering is🆓🆓 and all expenses are paid. 🔐The general rule is to #foster you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to #ADOPT you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA). . . . . ⚪AND YOU CAN ADOPT THROUGH A RESCUE 🔆
🔅TO ADOPT A PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE DOG....THEY Can be reserved direct online, till noon, by someone genuinely wanting to adopt , who can personally get to the shelter by 6 p.m. WEDNESDAY collect the dog....(48 hrs from when listed) ↘ ↙ ............If you can't make that deadline, need help with transport or want to foster AND are local to #NYtristate, #NewEngland, PA,VA, contact the Urgent Helpdesk for guidance as rescues to which to apply. . There is a $200( plus transaction fee of $2) DEPOSIT REQUIRED. $150 WILL BE REFUNDED ONCE PROOF OF SPAY/NEUTER IS SUPPLIED.🔅
🔉If SERIOUSLY interested in #adopting or #fostering and either LOCAL to #NewYork or FROM NE US email 📧

FOR VIDEOS SEE @tanyasrocksforjustice
. ❤
#help #fosteringsaveslives #ny #nyc #newyork #brooklyn #manahattan #statenisland #shelterdogs #adoptdontshop #pennsylvania #thebronx #queens #capecod #maine #hamptons #massachusetts
User Image tanyasrocksforjustice Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:06 AM (UTC)

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Please help save baby Storm 🙏🏼 RP @pitties3

Publicly #Adoptable
Hello, my name is STORM 🌺
My animal id is #15409
I am a female white dog at the #Manhattan Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about 1 years (#12Months) old.
I came in as a #stray on 05-Dec-2017. #CIRDC
😍The calm before the storm…well whoever on earth would be interested in a life *before* dear Storm? A beautiful fawn covered in dappled grey and white, Storm is unusually #calm herself given her very young age of one year. She walks #nicely on leash, patiently waiting for this beleaguered volunteer at the top of every stair, and handles her business straight away as any #polite PRINCESS would. The eye of the storm…well right let’s talk about those eyes shall we? An ethereal green-grey, like a pair of clouds rolling clear across the sky, and set below a sweetly-#worried brow, perpetually wondering if rain’s on the horizon. As it happens rain did appear the day Storm and I met, but here our young damsel handled herself with #elegance once more. She sat happily for photos, took treats #gently, sidled up for cuddles💓, and offered not one complaint over the…well stormy weather…as the wind whipped round our heads. Storm comes to us as a stray so much of her past life is unknown. She seems to have been beautifully cared for. That dappled coat is in perfect condition and those #ladylike manners speak to experience with a gentle and loving hand. Now Storm is in search of that once more, this time to last forever. A quiet place to rest her head, a roof to keep her safe and warm, and a bed much too crowded with fingers and toes all ready with a loving scratch💓. Shelter from the storm. That’s just what our girl needs. Shelter for always. Storm is waiting — for you!!
. ***CONSIDER #fostering, ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL if you're local to NY/NE USA & can #adopt/#foster THIS pet.
User Image karathedogtrainer Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:06 AM (UTC)

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All she wants for Christmas is a family! Contact the Delaware Valley Humane society in Sidney NY for more info!! #adopt #terrier #muttsofinstagram #foster
User Image erindogovich Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:05 AM (UTC)

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ESCOBAR - #15487 - #Manhattan - Publicly Adoptable
Little Escobar IS ON the NYC Kill List ** HELP!! Sweet little Escobar was found as a stray & we don't know much about him but... what we DO know is that he is FRIENDLY, AFFECTIONATE, MELLOW, SWEET, POLITE & Simply ADORABLE This sweetheart of a boy is in desperate need of a loving, caring new home & THAT RIGHT NOW. Take a look, fall in love, swoop him up & take him away for the holidays & forevermore, would you, please? **RESERVE HIM** or apply with rescues NOW to save his life but **HURRY** Escobar 15487
Breed Small Mixed Breed Cross
Second (very cute little) Terrier
Sex male
Age 10 yrs (approx)
Weight 20 lbs
My health has been checked.
My vaccinations are up to date.
My worming is up to date.
I have been micro-chipped.
Escobar is at risk for medical reasons, having been diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (Kennel cough). We suggest that Escobar would be best suited to a dog experienced home. .
OBJECTIVE :Overgrown nails, very large sternal lipoma–somewhat irritated, reducible right sided inguinal hernia–feels fatty;
Observed Behavior -calm, allows Exam
PROGNOSIS: good; Plan: dental recommended; malaseb baths recommended; inguinal hernia and sternal lipoma can probably be left alone; clavamox bid for embedded nail
SUMMARY Assessment: inguinal hernia, overgrown nails, embedded, malasezzia, dental disease, large lipoma
Potential challenges: Fearful/potential for defensive aggression: Escobar is fearful at the care center. It is important to always go slow. Ok with other #dogs. 🔅Can be reserved direct online, till noon, by someone genuinely wanting to #adopt , who can personally get to the shelter by 6 p.m. Wednesday to collect him......( ) ............ ✔ #RESERVE✔ #FOSTER#ADOPT✔ #RESCUE✔ RIGHT NOW
User Image shilohbloo Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:54 AM (UTC)

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#Repost @jdb8100 (@get_repost)
❎😠💔❎😠💔PARALYZED DOG DUMPED IN THE STREET AT 12💔💔💔 NEEDS A HOME WITH LOVE💜💜💜💜Credit to @pause__4__paws : Repost @jujuthegreat818 (@get_repost)
I would like to say “can u believe this shit??” But I can’t because knowing how people are, I can believe it!!!! Please share this elderly girl who is paralyzed. She deserves a loving home. Repost @road2homerescue (@get_repost)
Unable to walk and HOMELESS at 12 years old. Please SHARE for this sweet senior💔😢🙁 Long Island, NY:

Olive was dumped by her owner, who obviously has no heart. Someone saw her and picked her up off the street. Olive couldn't walk so she was brought to an emergency veterinary hospital and was given these cool new wheels, which she actually loves. She is now under the care of the town shelter because she is HOMELESS. 😢😢😢😢 Olive is around 12 years old. We can NOT let her live in a shelter. This is so sad. Homeless at 12 years old. She does not deserve this!!!!! Please contact Road to Home Rescue Support if you can possibly open your home to this sweet girl. Email: **please share** #seniordogs #newyork #ny #nyc #longisland #adopt #adoptdontshop #compassion #love #help
#save #animal #animals #pitbull #pitbulls #pittie #dog #dogs #pitbullsofinstagram
#animalsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #foster
#rescue #adoptdontshop #adoptlove #shelterpets
#sharingiscaring #payitforward
#randomactsofkindness #family
User Image rosanamaciel15 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:03 AM (UTC)
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User Image lovebeaches2 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:02 AM (UTC)

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@Regrann from @erindogovich - Sasha Dojo Pancake .

TO BE DESTROYED 12/12/17 - Info - Urgent .
To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read this: .
To view the full album, please click here: .
. **PLEASE #FOSTER/ #ADOPT & #PLEDGE #nyc #dogs #urgent
User Image lovebeaches2 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:01 AM (UTC)

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@Regrann from @erindogovich - DOJO - #14529 - #Manhattan - Rescue Only
AFTER #SEVEN YEARS WITH HIS FAMILY, 11 YEAR OLD DOJO HAS BEEN GIVEN HIS WALKING PAPERS. His former owners dumped him at the Manhattan shelter after one little spat with a small dog in the home. His home, the nest, his refuge, where he relaxed, loved, played, slept and ate. Now it no longer exists. Needless to say, Dojo was mortified in the lobby of the Manhattan shelter, unsure of what was getting ready to happen to him but he was certain it wasn't good. Just the poor vibes in the air told him this was no place he (or any other pet) wanted to be. #Scared, he hid behind his owner but after a few minutes he approached the intake staff and decided it was ok to take a treat from her hand, gently of course. His owner did leave and reluctantly Dojo made his way into the back and into a kennel where he awaits his fate. He's an older fella badly in need of a loving and cozy retirement home. Dojo is tolerant of children and loved the two cats he lived with and slept and cuddled with them regularly. He could probably even live with another dog under the right circumstances with a meet and greet and slow intro's.
I am a male black dog 11 years, 50 lbs
Came in shelter as owner surrender Nov. 25, 2017
Reason Stated: Aggressive to other animals
New hope partners only

Dojo is at risk for medical reasons, having been diagnosed with #Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is contagious to other #dogs. Due to past biting incidents, Dojo is looking for placement only with a New Hope partner.

My medical notes are...
Weight: 50.125 lbs
L V T Notes
Scan negative
Nervous, but allowed some handling
Slight nuclear sclerosis Ou
medium sized subcutaneous mass at tip of prepuce
unable to palpate due to behavior
No fleas seen
Hx: owner surrender, has special diet but no notes in record as to underlying condition; was never signed up to dvh intake exam..😕 TO #foster, or even better #adopt this little sweetheart, please write NOW to the Urgent Help Desk at\
User Image childandfamilycharities Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:00 AM (UTC)

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This is what community looks like! Today Jackson National Life donated 300 stockings for children that are in Foster Care and are homeless.

Thank you Jackson!
#christmas #stockings #socialgood #whyigive #mondaymotivation #foster #fostercare #fostertoadopt #homelessness #homelessyouth
User Image pb_soc Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:00 AM (UTC)

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pb_soc 11m ago
Oh my goodness!! Just look at this boys adorabull and smoochable face! He is a total lover, wants to please, enjoys a playful pal, walks great on leash, treat motivated and his finder even reported he was great with kids!! Wait are you waiting for?! Visit @pb_soc (link in bio) and email us an app today! #wherealldogsmatter #pbsoc #findlove #newbestfriend #adopt #adoptabull #adoptdontshop #foster #fosterdogs #sacramento #largebreedlovers #sactown #sactowndogs #saccountydogs #norcal #norcaldogs #california #dogs #midtownsac #greatersacramento #bradshawshelter #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #justadog #lookatthatface #handsomefella
User Image lovebeaches2 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:59 AM (UTC)

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@Regrann from @erindogovich - SATURN - #14873 - #Manhattan - RESCUE ONLY
I am a male brown dog
The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old, 36 lbs
Came in shelter as a stray Nov. 28, 2017
New hope partners only

#Saturn is being placed at risk due to medical condition. Saturn has been diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is contagious to other #dogs, and requires treatment with antibiotics for a 14 day period. Saturn also has bite wounds of unknown origin. For this reason, Saturn requires will a 6 month observation with #monthly vet check ups for the first 4 months. Due to his guarding tendencies, we seek placement for Saturn only with a New Hope partner.

My medical notes are...
Weight: 36.2 lbs
#Vet Consultation
L V T Notes
Vet Notes
DVM Intake Exam
Estimated age:2-3y
Microchip noted on Intake? n
History : stray
Subjective:severe facial edema, dependent in chin jowls area. OD bloody sclera. Obvious wound in area of right ear consistent with #bite wound
Observed #Behavior -winces when face touched, allows exam, some small wags
Evidence of Cruelty seen -n
Evidence of Trauma seen n
EENT: blood in sclera OD, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted
Oral Exam: clean teeth, unable to fully examine mouth due to pain level
MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat

Assessment: infected bite wounds, edema
Plan:needs sedated wound exam, cleaning and drain placement
rx 250 mg clavamox and carprofen 75 mg/day
Okay for surgery
Hx: Bite wounds. Pt anesthetized for wound cleaning and drain placement - see LVT exam for anesthetic details. -Left maxillary I1 is missing; I2 is fractured at the root and attached just by a small amount of gingiva.
-There is a small full-thickness laceration in the gingiva above I2.
-There are two small puncture wounds on the left lower lip in the region of the pre

TO #FOSTER, or even better #ADOPT this little sweetheart, please write NOW to the Urgent Help Desk at\
User Image lovebeaches2 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:59 AM (UTC)

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@Regrann from @erindogovich - BRICKS -# 9035 - #Brooklyn - Rescue Only
TO BE DESTROYED 12/12/17 **NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY** #Poor Bricks. His parent dumped him at the #shelter, then at the end of November came and got him again and we all thought he was safe. Now they've dumped him yet again, all because of the landlord and #NYC Housing ban.
I am a desexed male brown #dog
Owner surrender reason landlord won’t allow (nycha). Bricks was placed at risk due to behavior. Due to Brick’s multiple bite history (both involving other dogs), we recommend rescue placement who can further assess this behavior in a more stable home environment.
Weight: 68 lbs

Very friendly, easily examined and treated with minimal restraint.
Bricks has spent some time with children but never lived with them. His owner stated he is playful with them, but due to his size can become over excited and knock small children down. He would do best in a home with older or no children.

Bricks has lived with one other, unaltered male of a large breed and was relaxed and playful around him. They got along well and had no reports of aggression.

#Bricks likes to follow his family around when they are home and sleeps in his owners room. He likes to play with balls, ropes and frisbees. He will play fetch, chase, tug of war, and wrestling.
Bite history:: There was one past incident one year ago, when an unfamiliar dog came running up to the owner when they were on a walk and he did bite the approaching #dog. Bricks was also in an altercation during a playgroup session in the shelter, resulting in wounds to the other dog.

Behavior Eval Summary:: Bricks came into the assessment room loose and wiggly, he was friendly and affectionate towards the handlers.

Estimated 5 yrs old
Evidence of Cruelty: None Observed Behavior: Little nervous, timid, tolerated handling, no sign of aggression.
TO #FOSTER, or even better #adopt this little sweetheart, please write NOW to the Urgent Help Desk at
User Image nycacc Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:57 AM (UTC)

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nycacc 14m ago
What do you do when a 79 lb dog wants to sit on your lap and give you a hug? You figure out how to make it work! Gorgeous Champ must have been a Yorkie in another life, as he thinks nothing of walking across your lap, hunkering down for a hug, paws on shoulders, and then turning around for a butt scratch, yes please! He's big and strong, pulls on the leash, thinks squirrels are fun to chase, and birds fun to watch fly. ⠀

Off leash, he's a hunk of love, tail wagging, toy playing, smiling dog. Surrendered by his family as they no longer had time to care for him, we're told he's interacted with kids and allows them to pet him, has interacted with both small and large dogs and will play but can be pushy, (he's been playful with a female in his first group, offering appropriate correction if needed), knows several commands (he showed off his 'sit' and 'paw'), is housetrained, doesn't guard his things, and can sometimes be aggressive toward strangers. We're all strangers here and so far, Champ has been nothing but fun and friendly, wagging his tail at everyone, but it's certainly something to be mindful of. ⠀

Champ is a big dog both in stature and personality; he's not for the faint of heart. He needs a person as big as he is to provide structure, guidance, and love. He's young, with a lifetime of love in front of him. He's hoping to meet his soulmate today.⠀

Champ 15507⠀⠀
#boroughbred #nycacc

#adopt #foster #newyorkcity #rescue #manhattan #adoptdontshop #brooklyn #ny #savealife #rescuedog #nycprimeshot #shelter #adoptme #rescuedogsofinstagram #what_i_saw_in_nyc #adoption #ig_nycity #newyork_instagram #dontshopadopt #icapture_nyc #fosteringsaveslives #instagramnyc #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptable #dogrescue #made_in_ny

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