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I dropped my phone and the screen cracked so it had go be sent off to be fixed hence the lack of photos recently.. 😪 Happy to report that it is back and now gold!!! ✌
This is a photo I took the day or two before the accident!! 😭
Top: #foruchizu a la @cheeserland et @fourfeetnine
Skirt: @holleyteatime
Celebration 🎉 (52/52)
Ft. @youmierbt
MUA: @naomistothard
Lighting x co-photographer: @jon_k_stoutlager
Assistant: Marvin Wong

Say hello to the final week of Project 52! Thank you to everyone who's modeled for me and been a part of my photoshoots, @wuzlei and @wumodels for graciously letting me shoot your models, @lvbeii x @naomistothard, my wonderful friends and makeup artists as well as @danielwellingtonwatches for sponsoring me the lovely watch and giving me a 15% discount code to share with friends and followers. Just punch in "nicole15" when you order a watch from their official website, (valid until the 15th of October) ☺️
hxanou 3y ago
Boring outfit today that includes my favourite top from #foruchizu and overused skirt 
yes! if you've seen this cray woman walking around at ur office building it is me. ♡ today is the last Friday of the month and it's our fun dress up day. theme of the month is RETRO!