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How lucky can one girl be to have these crazy humans by herside! My bridesmaids(and bridesboy), and my brother that helped put the ceremony together! 2 years ago today this would be about the time they were keeping me from losing my mind. ❤️😘
Yoga, Copper Hen and the apple orchard should be on every Sunday's agenda! So fun celebrating you today, Sara! Congratulations on marrying your soul mate❤️ #foreverfriends
gizi__ 15m ago
kavu ş tuk 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🔬 Nasıl buluyoruz bu kadar gülecek şey? Hala bir muallak #bestfriends
Out two weeks in a row... 😬😬 hibernation until Christmas now X #foreverfriends @nuala118
Wishing this 10 the happiest of birthdays! Soooooooooo many incredible memories with you miss Jaynie!! I Miss your face! Enjoy your day babe, wish I was there to celebrate with you xx love you longtime💜@jaynie_bee #bestblinddate #foreverfriends #birthdaygirl #loveher
APPRECIATION post..I first wanna start by saying thank you for allowing me to be the Superman I created in my head to help you overcome the insecurities,the lack of affection,the unhappiness, the confusion, allowing me to knockdown the walls you had built to protect yourself.. I’ve watched you grow from when you caught my attention a while before I got a chance to introduce myself, I wanted to make you smile I wanted to make every problem that troubled you go away. I’ve watched you out make up on and take it off a 100 times and you’re still the purest form of art before and after you take it off. I’ve watched watched you not eat to maintain a certain weight now I know it’s a personal thing but what if I told you I take it personal that you think a number on a machine would dictate how I looked and felt about you.. I’ve watched you have a mental breakdown and act as if you were ok I want you to know I appreciate you being strong in front of me but it’s ok to be weak it’ll be a project for me to help build you into another great kick ass woman. I’ve watched you allow to be me and slowly but surely follow me now I can’t say I can take the credit because my every move was already for the betterment of us as a whole.. I wanna let you know that I’ve watch you do everything good and bad but I never wanna see you give up on us or yourself I admire you with all sincerity I really admire your determination to be all you can be as a wife a mother a friend awhile maintaining your weird quirky ways I love you with all my heart @queen_hellen #allhuakbar#mylife#wifey#mylove#beautiful#3yrs#🇳🇬#blackqueen#blacklove#weirdo#friend#growth#blessed#peace#dopcouple#foreverfriends
My Beautiful Friends Are AMAZING! I Seriously Could Not Ask For A Better Group Of Gals....♡♡♡♡ #HighSchoolDaze
#CantTagNykaCuzSheDontHaveFB lol
Had a great time celebrating this Bride-to-Be and seeing all my frans! Can’t believe it’s almost been 10 years since we lived together 😳 #piphiforlife #foreverfriends #allthefeels #winedrunk @brooklyn024 @briannalohrey @johnsie10 @allisonhennigh

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