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MIDDAY ENERGY LIFT • Incorporating more high quality fats into my diet has been transformative in every way - skin, mood, digestion, hormones, sleep, metabolism. It's also my secret to natural, caffeine-free energy elevation throughout the day. A spoonful of coconut butter for blood sugar stabilization, brain food, and an immediate lift. #eatmorefat #SOLFULhealth
Lunch today: baked chicken breast stuffed with feta & spinach! For those of you who dont know I count calories & dont follow a certain meal plan. I aim for about 1400, but we are all different. I also eat carbs daily and have weekly cheat meals. Find what works for you, your goals, and your body! Have a healthy Tuesday everyone! #food #chicken #foodie #fattofit #obesetobeast #foodporn #mealprep #foodprep #weightloss #weightlossjourney #foodisfuel #diet #dietbet #countingcalories #losingweight #lowcarb #instafit #gym #protein #recipes #cook #chef #healthyeating #cleaneating
Good evening sweeties,
spend the morning at home (because of my back pain) doing lots of home office before I went to work in the office. The weather still is amazing which makes me super happy!🌞🍂 While my dinner actually looks pretty shit, I‘m dreaming of these heavenly fall themed „gnocchi pan“ with chanterelles & pumpkin sauce! 😍
This seriously was the best I‘ve had in a while.
Guten Abend ihr Lieben,
während mein Abendessen gerade absolut nicht instaworthy aussieht, zeige ich euch lieber diese traumhafte, herbstliche Gnocchi Pfanne mit frischen Pfifferlingen in einer Kürbissauce. 😍🍂
Das koennte definitiv mein Lieblings Go-To Herbstessen werden.
Das Rezept gibt es morgen bei auf dem Blog. 😋
Ich mach mich jetzt gleich auf dem Weg zu einem kleinen Meeting mit meinem Coach. Wie verbringt ihr den Abend?:)
Recipe by @tasteoftaskadwa. I only realised after purchasing the Basa that it was Pangasius. I was wary about cooking it as previously my Pangasius has tasted like scrambled eggs. But following Tasneem's careful instructions much to my scepticism it tasted delicious. With asparagus in season I added this to the dish with steamed stir fry veggies.

#homemade #yummy #delicious #fish #asparagus #potatoes #foodlove #instagood #instayum #foodie #cook #love #fresh #butter #vscofood #stuffed #peppers #foodislife #foodisfuel
Stop missing out on taco tuesday because you’re eating healthy! 🌮🌮
Cutting corn, wheat, and carbs in general leaves us feeling like we’re missing part of the meal. Switch it up using raw cream, cheeses, pastured meats and healthy fats to make your meal so satisfying you don’t need that dense wrap!
These #grainfree tacos are totally #gaps, #paleo, and of course #glutenfree
Get the recipe 👇
#kindaeasy #kindaeasyrecipes
Dinner Recipe: 🔥🔥🔥 Roasted Tomato Basil Soup... with Kale, Turkey Sausage and Cannellini Beans
💥Rinse a couple pounds of tomatoes... a combination of different tomatoes will work fine!
🏆Cut the tomatoes into halves or quarter the tomatoes depending on the size.
💯Put tomatoes on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil.
💥Crush 6-8 cloves of garlic and distribute them over the tomatoes.
🏆Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven (350) for about 30 mins... until tomatoes “look” roasted and start to char.
💯While the tomatoes are roasting cook a diced potato, diced onion and diced red pepper with olive oil in a pan (peel the potato first... if the potato is small use two) Cook until the onions are fragrant and translucent.
💥Add a carton of chicken stock to pan and simmer until potatoes are soft.
🏆In a separate pan... brown some turkey sausage (we used shadybrook farms hot and sweet Italian sausage that we took out of the casing...3 links of each.) or leave it out and make the meal vegetarian 🌱
💯 Once browned, add a few handfuls of chopped kale and a can of white beans. Cover and cook until kale wilts.
💥Take the tomatoes out of the oven.
🏆Add chicken stock and onions, peppers and potatoes to the pot.
💯Add a handful of fresh basil.
💥Cook for another couple of minutes. Use immersion blender and blend until smooth... or pour everything into a blender and blend until smooth.
🏆Return soup to pot if necessary and add sausage, beans and kale.
💯Add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with fresh Parmesan. Add some heat with crushed red pepper! 🔥🔥🔥#healthyrecipe #healthylifestyle #healthymoms #healthydads #healthyeating #greatfood #loveeating #lovefoodagain #foodaddiction #foodlover #robertanderson #yourhealthcoach #optavia #loveyourself #foodfeelsgood #goodfoodfeelsgood #tedxfood #entruprenuers #cheflifemagazine #foodisfuel #foodisfuell #foodistherapy
Lunch 🍴Chicken breast, @eatbanza Chickpea pasta, spinach, and pesto sauce [11sp]
What did the monster truck driver say when he went up to order?
#sundae #hk #eat #matcha
Bild 1 😋leckere Penne, gedünsteter Wirsing und Bolognese 🍝

Bild 2 nach dem Laufen 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️ "Hey Schatzi, mach mal ein Instataugliches Foto von mir" - ok reicht 😁

#dinner #pasta
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This was lunch which I helped portion today, I did an extra scoop of carrots🥕 because you can never have too much veg😏

This morning I ‘lost’ 0.6 in one day I swear my body doesn’t know how to react to everything. I lost overal this week so I am going to follow my new upped mealplan, I am just so terrified of everything and wish this was all over. I am sending SO much love and strength to my sweetie @flyfreediary you’re so strong and I love you lots💗
Wedges and veg (+ houmous, sriracha and mustard for dipping) as well as loads of nooch straight from the tub (@recover4freedom ) which I'm totally gonna regret later when it hits me but oops #worthit
As my sickness (finally) subsides I am finding that this baby has VERY specific tastes. I have eaten this shrimp scampi from Olive Garden most days for the last two weeks 😳 (there is no shrimp in this bowl because I thought it tasted funny yesterday and threw it all away 😂) as delicious as this has been, I would LOVE to find a homemade version that still tastes just as good (specially the scampi sauce) so PLEASE if you have any suggestions holla @ this girl 💕
In all truth, I'm struggling. Initially I was getting thoughts like "I shouldn't struggle, I have no right to." And "I'm pathetic for feeling this way, why can't I just pull through" but I've come to realise that to admit struggle, is to be much stronger than denying your struggles. I COULD of carried on at mainstream school and pretended I was okay, but that would be pushing my mental health aside and ignoring the fact I was in need. Being recovered isn't not ever struggling or having blips, it's admitting how you feel- noticing the thoughts and coping with them rather than pushing them away. Don't ever for a second believe you're weak or your recovery isn't true if you get intrusive thoughts or depressive days. Its a part of life! Sorry, again- that I'm not active. My minds in a really confusing state and I don't feel like posting positive things when I don't feel 100% positive myself. It would be unfair to promote things that I can't even upkeep. To those who are wondering: I am safe and I am eating plenty, I'm just down and not feeling myself. Thanks to everyone who's here❤️

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