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Which wine will it be with dinner tonight? Come on over to @ilmelograno_nyc and let me pair something for you! #IlMelogranoNYC
It loves me, it loves me not, it loves me. Who are we kidding? Italian food always loves you. Come join us tonight! #IlMelogranoNYC
Setting Friday on fire here at #SpiceChelseaCorner! What will it be for you tonight? Check the menu at the #LinkInBio and know what you want before you arrive!
It’s Friday, treat yourself for making it through another week. What better way than with mochi? Tag your mochi loving friends in the comments below! #TGIF
Putting the final touches on some favorites for Friday lunch. Treat yourself and come on over to join us. #PaulsOnTSQ
Holy fuuuuuu.... 🙊This is the 4th week I've been getting up at 4:45 am, (now 5:45 am in Texas). Just ask my husband, this is A MIRACLE!🎉🏆🎖️🥇🏆🎉 Especially since I make my own schedule, so it's more like, why the hell would I get up so early if I don't have to? 🤔

I've been a bitch about getting up since I was a kid,😩 a huge complaining baby 😳and it drove Jeremy insane since he loves getting up early. I'm an awful awful person about it. 😬

But, I like to challenge myself and better myself, I want to be the best version of me. ☺️ So a month ago I set out to start a virtual/online class for my customers and coaches. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️A little extra push and accountability for those who want that group /community support similar to a gym class. I needed that accountability myself because I wanted to become a morning person too, annnd maybe not make Jeremy nutty. 😂😂 He was like, yeah we'll see what happens. 😒 Tasha, my top coach asked me if our 5:15 am start time was a typo. 😑😂 And here I am four weeks later and a morning person! I have not missed a single day,🤜🤛 even on the road, even in RV parks, even when I woke up to 43^ temps in the trailer. 😨

Since becoming a morning person... 🏆I feel better and more energized
🏆I am more productive
🏆I never EVER miss a workout anymore
🏆I fall asleep faster at night
🏆I get to see every sunrise in every beautiful place we travel to
🏆I get to walk the dogs during the most peaceful and quiet time of the day
🏆I learned that I LOVE the scent of a cool morning

My quality of life is better, my attitude about mornings is better, I proved to myself I can do anything.
Sure I'm proud of myself😎, but really, I'm sharing this because if I can accomplish this goal, you sure as fuck can do anything. ✌️👌You can move mountains.🗻🗻🗻 Seriously. 😚😚 .
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Jadikan gini,sungguh sangat penasaran sama resepnya mak @fridajoincoffee ini,apalagi belio mengklim ini resep tergampil seindonesia raya😧mau bebikinan dr kemarin maju mundur takut bantet atau malah siap2 dinyinyirin bapake gegara ga sesuai ekspektasi😑
Trs cuuuus iseng buka snapgram teh ratu poto cantik nan aduhai @ratih_pusp pas pulaklah mamak liat dia lagi bikin ini,cuma diakan ga dipoto,kesian sm akunya ntar kalah saing kayaknya*kebanting😳😆
Aku pede banget lagi upload beginian meskipun ditengah pepotoan dicoel bocah tu cake nya,duuh ho oh beneran moist ini cake deh
Ntar yah resep disebelah aja*kayak ada aja yg nanya🤣mana tau butuh loh☺️
👆 Good morning Instagram! 😅

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😛 Dear, wake up and start your day, the fact that I am at my mother’s place doesn’t mean that you should spend the whole day in the bed. 😗

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Pertama liat resep masakan ini sih dari kak jun @xanderskitchen duuuh masakan dia endolita tralala emang semuanya😋😋cumaannyaa mulai terinspirasi bebikinannya pas si @indafajar buat,priiiit lewatlah itu di temlen mamak,sukses bikin ngiler😓makasih ya buat kalian idenya🙏🙇‍♀️ga tahan emang liat IG kalau yg lewat masakan😓🤦‍♀️
Mumpung gampang buatnya dan ga makan waktu bs sambil rumpik cantik jadilah cuus dibuat
Cuma berbekal cabe rawit 15 bh dan bawang merah 10 bh diiris trs ditumis dikit2,tambahin ke ikan yg udah dicuci bersih dan dikasih kecap asin,garam gula sama sesendok asam jawa,trs deh di steam,sukseslah bikin laper ini.trs itu knp ada cabe merahnya?semaunya mamak aja itu biar gaya dikit😆
Hay muchos, pero el qué elegí es éste: un Gamonéu del Valle de 3 leches hecho especialmente para el El Campu La Llera, una pequeña tienda en el Mercado del Sur de Gijón.
Una maravilla de la naturaleza.
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