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Scarlett is found backstage, all alone in a red room, ready to speak of her opponents. She has a small book in her hands, ready to read the disturbing text. Well, what you may find disturbing, she finds intriguing and enjoyable. "The creaking silence of age.. Echoes through the streets.. Sounds like old wooden under heavy feet. All of the children once running around have evacuated.. Or maybe they just.. disappeared. Where have all the children gone? Just yesterday, they were tying ribbons in trees and swinging from the branches.. They were leaping over coals and swooning at anything.. Where have all the children gone? Those of us who remain wander around.. Like abandoned children in shopping malls. Where have all the children gone? Maybe.. This is just a dream. Maybe.. We are sleeping, in rooms filled with metal shelves.. If we put our ears to those shelves, they will tell us stories of how they were emptied.. Emptied by the fingers of fathers.. Emptied into the flesh of their sons and daughters.. Where have all the children gone? We hope.. they're hiding.. We hope they are playing a game.. But we know, this is really happening. Where have all the children gone..?"
Scarlett rips the book and tosses the pages behind her, as she's now ready to speak about her opponents on Smackdown in order to get her hands on Candice LeRae. Scarlett starts to speak.
"Toni Storm, Alexa Bliss, Brie Bella. They are the children that will disappear. All of you here are gonna ask, 'Where have they gone?' Well, I know where they're going. They're getting dragged straight through Hell, and I can't wait for them to take their rides. Those three women? They don't deserve this opportunity. They don't stand a chance. And as for Miss sugar, spice and everything disgustingly nice? She doesn't deserve to be champ. Having her as champion is the equivalent to having a Kindergarten student as your champion. All of these women are just so lost in the mind, and I truly feel bad for them. I mean, I wouldn't go out of my way to help them, but I'm allowed to feel bad.. Right? Anyways, Storm, Bliss, and Bella are about to get the worst ass beating of a lifetime. They thought that Elimination ⬇.
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Caroline Cynthia Boyer Bryan.
36. Crazy and funny. Need all mains. Comment to be friends and please be a main.
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{Post; lyrics. Band; I prevail. Song; Chaos}
I will never know what happens next. Even when my heart beats out my chest.Through all of the chaos, I’ll find a way out, I know home is where you make it. I will always fight for one more breath. Even in a cardiac arrest. Through all of the chaos, I’ll find a way out. I know home is where you make it. The time is now, it’s now. I’ll stand on my own, I’ve got some shit to say and this is how it goes
One – you shut me out of everything you do
Two – the hell you put me through
Three – you never would accept me
I’m letting go..I will never know, know what happens next. I can feel my heart, heart beat out my chest. I will always fight for one more breath even in a cardiac arrest. Through all of the chaos, I’ll find a way out. I know home is where you make it. Even when I feel my heart beat out my chest 🌸🌌{#openrp #wwerp #literaterp #wrestling #uglygaintrain #uglyfollowtrain  #followtrain2016 #follow4like #followlike #helpmegain #helpyallgain #jayjaygaintrain #jaygainsfollowtrain #like4like #like4follow #likeforlike #likeforfollow #cashfollowplane}

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