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Step 16 - watch more music ✅
Step 15 - late night photo with a gorilla ✅
Step 14 - wear some form of fancy dress over the weekend ✅
Step 13 - nap in the sun while friends play tuuuunes ✅
Step 11 - cover under-eye bags with glitter to rock this hangover ✅
Step 10 - wear patterns and get my white legs out ✅
Step 9 - enjoy vegan festival food ✅
Step 8 - watch some morris dancing ✅ (whilst avoiding being too near their sticks .. 🙉)
Step 7 - wake up needing the loo eaaarly in the morning ✅
Step 3 - buy all of the things from Asda ✅
Step 1 - find Toby on the train ✅
We've shifted the festival along by a week. For 2018 the dates are 2nd-4th March. This shuffle will attract more international acts and those local acts that are already on the move with the festival season picking up. It also allows our teams to organise the grounds for you with more time up our sleeves. So, pencil it in, sync your calendars, tell your mates, spread the word. #cobargofolkfestival #cobargo #workingvillage #cobargofolky #begavalley #folkfest #folkyfun #folkmusic #musicfestival #farsouthcoast #sapphirecoast #littlemusicfestival #performerapplications