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The Cruisin' Deuces were born out of a love of traditional Honky-tonk, Western Swing and Rockabilly music. Hailing from Sydney's Inner West, the boys blend the southern twang of Telecasters with crying steel guitars and driving bass. The Rev. Dr. Z's (lead guitar) soulful voice and burning solos blend with the mournful wail of the pedal steel and bring the sounds of Texas, Memphis and Nashville for a hootenanny you'll never forget.
AND, they're coming to Cully Fest...are YOU!?! #seeyouatcullyfest #rockabilly #honkytonk #western
Good golly! All First and Second round earlybird tickets have sold! But you can still get a 20% discount with our final round earlybird tickets available now via our website (link in profile). These are also limited so get in quick! And people with kids, check this - kids under 16 are FREE!
Emerging triumphant from 2016 as Brisbane's best blend of massive soul-soaked, brass-fuelled pop, funk, and ska, Cheap Fakes are ready to keep bringing their unique and energetic music to masses of listeners and live audiences worldwide. The free-wheeling, six-headed hydra of Cheap Fakes is a ready-made party absolutely primed to provide the best of times. #seeyouatcullyfest #cheapfakes #pop #funk #ska
Our Aboriginal festival lineup at Cully Fest will celebrate the best of our Aboriginal and Outback culture while sharing individual stories and history handed down through generations.
Back when Herb Wharton was asked to write a novel for $1000...“Shit I’d never seen so much money but then reality struck, how the bloody hell do you write a novel.” Herb said. “I wrote the first and last page in about thirty minutes then had to write the past 40 years for those people. “Half a dozen books later I’m still working with it.” Author Herb Wharton’s illustrious writing career has taken him all over the world and earned him residency in both Berlin and Paris. “I’ve been all around the Australian outback, London, Paris and New York,” Herb explained. “People wanted to hear about the Aboriginal issues in Australia and I was writing from an Aboriginal point of view, which is so untold in Australian history. “A lot of people had only heard about Captain Cook when we were here 60’000 years earlier.” Herb will be one of our incredible speakers at the Hosted Talk Sessions. Come along to hear more about this man's amazing life and stories. #seeyouatcullyfest
Inktober day 15! This weekend I met up with my parents and some friends to enjoy some the the Folk Festival festivities this year. Brown’s Island & area is always gorgeous to walk around, but it was especially enchanting as the sun went down and all you could see all the street lamps on the buildings and bridges.❤️ Whereas the previous sketch was done from memory, this one had the help of a reference, so things look a bit more accurate. Did anyone else enjoy the Folk Festival this year?

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