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Patches came in!! Big thanks and s/o to @funkofiends Can't wait to put my vest together.
#TBT to probably the last time I was in El Salvador. Swag was on a hundred thousand trillion with the Tommy Bahama-esque rayon shirt but them Reebok Pumps tho 😎My sister looking wavy rocking that vintage DARE shirt and reebok highs
Still celebrating my 21st birthday 😏 38 years young and ya boy is doing well. Thank you to all the people in my life that make it amazing daily. #AquariusSZN ♒️
Cheers 2016, I hardly knew ya. This year has definitely been full of changes for me. A couple of new jobs, lost a grandparent, sadly outgrew some friends, but at the same time gained some great new ones and also a new family. Fell in love and started my future journey with my fiancé. As the new year creeps in, to say I'm not nervous would be a lie. However I welcome 2017 with open arms as I know that I have my heart and my love by my side and with her I can accomplish anything. I'm at a good place in my life work wise and only looks to get better. So thank you 2016 for the changes, the loss and the memories. Here's to you 2017, may you be filled with love, happiness and great times 🍾🎉
Holy crap! A little sign we have on a bedroom door fell down, slicing into the wooden bit of floor below!
#Dublin #sign #metal #floorstab #shit
LA Comic Con I'm inside you. Came early to get my press and Saturday pass. Let's see what's good.
Good times with great people yesterday. Happy Birthday Randy hope you had fun!
Hiroi sekai
Hiroi sekai, hiroi sekai
Hiroi sekai - Sukinakoto dake o shi tetai
Hiroi sekai, hiroi sekai.

2nd quarter winnings @ the super bowl party 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Current situation. The wait is finally over. Tonight is the night baby!! Got my IMAX tix, plus scooped up some limited edition premiere tickets limited to 30k worldwide! 😎 "There's been an awakening, have you felt it?"
Merry Christmas to me 😃 it was time to upgrade the whip. Ending 2015 in style 😎
adjdkfkskdjs!!! Versace Chrome Stormtrooper looking like the sickest! Can't wait!
Bruce Leroy glow on bring your own cup to 7-11 for really big slurpee. Yes my cup had a handle 😮😛😏😎
Little Caesars bacon wrap pizza finally going down 😳 if yall don't hear from me again, Mom I love you. Dad the cable bill is due soon. ✌️

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