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The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. @calebhock
How is everyone? I’m at work and about to fall asleep.
《Mi hanno gettato in pasto ai lupi, ne sono uscito Capobranco》👊🇲🇦👊
#MOOD_Lv #weshwesh #freshman #situations #flexing #flexibility™🔥💎🔥
“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
-Albert Einstein-
Understand Your Value And Never Underestimate It And Always Make The Most Of It. Once You Maximize Your Value, The Success Will Come
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Guess who will be absolutely smashing this physique in May/June? I have 4 more months of bulking, and then I am gonna start prepping 🏋🏼

This is my weekly plug for my guide. 📜 Just shoot me a DM to get it! Last week I listed all the benefits of my guide when it comes to nutrition, macros, how to establish your caloric deficit, refeed days and so on, but the guide doesn't just stop there.
❇️ I talk about different types of cardio such as Low Intensity and HIT, and which one would be best for you
❇️ How to adjust your macros as you begin to lose weight, and what you should' adjust
❇️ Supplements that your might wanna take
❇️ And I also have three different program routines (beginner/intermediate/advanced) that will get you started, and as long as you follow the progressions scheme, you will start seeing results pretty much instantly (2-4 weeks).

I don't do online coaching right now. As I said before, I am not one of those people that wants quick easy money by writing cookie cutter programs or recycled diet plans - instead I want to provide value FOR FREE at first and take my time to learn the needs of different people. I have two programs right now that are totally free (100 pages guide and my current hypertrophy program) and I can also guide you and give ye advice if you drop me a DM. ❗️That being said, it's not ALWAYS gonna be like this. Nothing in this world is free, I am just a special snowflake that does it this way FOR A TIME BEING, so use me! ...hahaha no actually let's not, but do use my knowledge 😂 ‼️ I know that usually when something is free, it's shit, I'd also think that - but I can 100% guarantee you that when you first open my book, your first reaction would be "F4CK, he put some work".
Back Attack ❗️
Das erste Video von @pic_josh und mir 💪🏽 wie findet ihr es ?
Bitte ehrliches Feedback ! Wir freuen uns über jede Kritik und Besserungsvorschlag 🙏 sollen wir sowas öfter mal machen 🤔?
Schönen Abend liebe #fitfam 👋🏼🏋🏼‍♀️
Für mich ist die heutige Trainingseinheit absolviert - und ich war 2 Stunden fleißig am Werk, da ich die nächsten Tage viel schulisches Zeug zu tun habe und es mit dem #gym nicht immer so klappen wird!🙄
Bin ausgepowert, jetzt werden noch ein paar KH's eingefahren und dann geht's ab auf die Couch weiter meine Serie suchten #grimm 😍
Wenn ihr andere Serien habt, die empfehlenswert sind, lasst es mich gern wissen!
Für mehr Motivation folgt @squatsen @icolinb @powerjoel @sissi_doert @alina_.wi @alinagrand 🏋🏼‍♀️💘 #fitgirls
Euch allen noch einen schönen und entspannten Abend😴💘
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