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User Image fitvitt Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:40 PM (UTC)
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Another one in the books! Austin placed 1st in his weight class (198#) and took 1st overall for the men’s lightweight division. He is so dedicated, disciplined, smart, and STRONG 💪🏻 Proud of you, baby!!!
All of these amazingly perfect Florida weather days has made it mandatory that we extend our trip ☀️🏝
here ends the year long bulk 😓 now for a cut to begin and drop some extra cheddar currently weighing 174lbs at 19% bodyfat LOL goodbye chunky mass and hopefully hello vascularity.
User Image bruce_fusionathletics Posted: Mar 14, 2018 5:38 AM (UTC)

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when the squad hypes you the fuck up and you amrap 365lbs for 8 reps raw 😲
User Image hannakemaw Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:36 PM (UTC)

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This week’s meal prep food->7oz sweet and spicy chicken breast with a side of lentils finished with a zucchini, squash, and carrot mix vegetable melody 😋😋check out my precious post for the detailed recipe.. Macros per container-55g of protein, 14g net carbs, and 11g of fat with 14g of fiber. I eat one of this right before and right after my workout since it’s very important to fuel your body with complex carbs and a good source of protein before and after your work out for maximum gains. I distribute the rest of my food through out the day as needed and eat most of my healthy fats in the am. Try it out to hit your protein macro goals easily while also getting lots of Fiber from the complex carb source! 😉 #mealprep #healthyrecipes #macros #iffym #weightloss#macros #fitness #healthylifestyle #easymealprep #flexibledieting #diet #fitnessfood #bodybuilding#lowcarb #cleaneating #veggies ##fitfoodie #flexibledieting #flexiblediet #healthyfood #macros #nutrition #fitfood #mealprepping #ifbb #npcbikini #fitfoodie #nutritiontips #healthyfoodshare #mealprepideas #fitnesstips #bikiniprep #fitnesslife #macrocounting
User Image samantha.hoyle Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:35 PM (UTC)

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Because today was rough 😒 and my brain loves carbs.
User Image majorkeyphysiques Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:35 PM (UTC)

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White On Black.
Simple But Strong.
Shop the entire range of workout apparel and accessories soon!
User Image _gutlenka_ Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:19 PM (UTC)

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GN😊 it’s snow day today again.waiting in town to get home for 1 hour,very cold ❄️
User Image cellyluciano Posted: Mar 17, 2018 9:34 PM (UTC)

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Saturday’s are usually my “active” rest day. So I usually do some light cardio and abs 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️. -
Hopefully in a couple months I will be able to master the “standing rollout” variation using the ab wheel, for reps 😅. #trusttheprocess
can't wait to trim down and get my v taper back but this time with more size and leaner 🤔 down 2lbs alot more to go LOL (172lbs)
side chest looking skinny but at least a new vlog is up on fusion athletics link in bio! pc @jacksofflok
User Image bruce_fusionathletics Posted: Mar 14, 2018 3:57 PM (UTC)

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tryna get a back so wide so I can give all my bros a piggyback ride 😂
User Image bruce_fusionathletics Posted: Mar 15, 2018 3:49 AM (UTC)

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vlog number 2 is up on YouTube! benching 225 for reps (almost)and of course featuring some monster athletes 😲 link to channel in bio

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