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Mais um pra coleção. Essa edição traz o primeiro álbum do Fleet Foxes e o EP de estreia, Sun Giant, em um vinil bônus. Saiu a preço de disco simples!
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'Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.'
I always loved this quote by Albert Einstein ✨ It's so much more important than rare knowledge to me.
Knowledge can be found and taught in school, in books, in conversations, you name it - and it's fantastic! I LOVE learning new things. But it's always there for you to consume, right? Something pre-made so to speak. It is handed to you by someone else. It's not your own if you're totally honest 😁
Even the knowledge stemming from our own experiences. It is given to us by the experience itself!
But Imagination is different...
it's CREATED with our own magical colors rather than consumed. It has no boundries. It's free flowing. ~ And isn't that the real treasure? ✨ 💭 .
foto by @lovepaperplane
Waking up to Japanese Maple light and the remains of the rain,
Sorting through a box of damp photographs and rusting tools,
Listening to Fool's Errand on vinyl while a cat called Fig looks on,
Certain only of the constancy of love and beauty and decay.
🦊 I share my smile with everyone but my heart belongs to one! 💝

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