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User Image greenbackboogie Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:00 PM (UTC)

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Znači!💥📢 #strongholdcrusader jedna je od omiljenih mi igrica, a izašla je 31.7. davne 2002.-e godine😍 Dakle, horoskopski Lav 🙊😆🦁Neću lagati; malo me srce zaboljelo kada sam je vidjela dolje na snijegu 😳💘💔 Mislim, da, igrica je stara 15 godina i grafika je za današnje pojmove nedvojbeno dno dna 🤭, ALI je apsolutno jedna od boljih strategija ☝🏽👩🏻‍⚖️
#hrelic 💖❄️🎄🛍 #zagreb #buvljak #fleamarket #pcgames #latergram #iloveit ☺️ #war #strategy
User Image brooklynsaver Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:00 PM (UTC)

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The Brooklyn Bazaar in #Greenpoint is aptly named.

Part music venue, part restaurant, part #karaoke and #fleamarket? They literally have something for everyone, no matter what you’re into!

The hours are about as scattered as their interests, so be sure to check their website for when different parts are open!

#brooklyn #northbrooklyn @bkbazaar
User Image thirdmondaytradedays Posted: Dec 13, 2017 8:53 PM (UTC)

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More fun finds from WoodCraft Products booth 205-208 on Brown Rd. at TMTD! ⠀
User Image hibiddy_dibiddy Posted: Dec 13, 2017 8:53 PM (UTC)

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So.... At my house when there is left over steak!!!! I make Street Tacos for lunch the next day.. BAM!!!! What's up now, Alijandro's gut bucket on wheels?!?! Home made Roach coach is the BEST!!!! 😋 😎 #skate #nathandeveline #soberity #fleamarket #swapmeet #thegoodlife #delhicalifornia #love #life #inspiration #longboard #friends #inspiration #courage #strength #tacos #gutbucket #roachcoach #streettacos
We’ve only got a couple more events where you can grab a $10 tattoo before the year is out! Our 2nd installment of our Outside The Rooms MEGA DAY PARTY 🎉 is SATURDAY 12.16, so come thru from 2pm-8pm and hear the sweet, sweet sounds of 8 killer bands + get inked ✨We’re stacked with a day full of zillions of local makers + live artists + tarot readings, silent yoga disco + food trucks + and on and on and...🙈🍭 Thanks to + @digitalspindle + @bender.flow for making magic happen at @rowdtla 😍 We couldn’t be more excited! #wildwinter (link in bio)
User Image abbiowens Posted: Dec 13, 2017 8:24 PM (UTC)

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Haven’t used my fingers much the last few years.
My entire Indiantown EP was just my hands and fingers as Jason preferred the tone but playing for hours and hours all the time forced me to develop the picking style I have now.
Here’s the new (1960’s) $75 Aria I bought at the flea market. I love it so much. 💔#ariaguitars #a554 #fleamarket #amazing #love #acousticguitar #acoustic #fingers #love #music #happy #tunes #abbyowens
User Image ethan.roads Posted: Dec 13, 2017 8:23 PM (UTC)

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Does anyone have any need for one or more of these things? I have a number of these aluminum/plastic triangles in three colors that I hope someone can create with. They are about 3'x1/4" and need a good home. #artsupplies #forsale #ortrade #triangle #🔺 #supportlocal #Arizona #phxartist #aluminum #azartist #craigslist #depop #fleamarket #thrifting #goodwill #antiques
WHO WANTS EM‽ (not the Loki or Nico)
@sega These titles were my favorite (my first) growing up. As @playstation was first getting popular among our neighborhood my stepdad took notice in our interest in video games and snagged us a used #SegaGenesis console. It was both a dream come true and the end of my childhood.
He must have gotten it from the #FleaMarket or from a friends attic or someshit as it ended up having an infestation of #earwigs that ended up killing the console. Found the ruins inside after #dissecting the machine. Anyways, thanks Rudy, regardless of its unknown sources I think it was the coolest thing you ever gave to me. #videogames
I went on to love these games as I had been raised on @disney & #disneyclassic movies. I'd seen the commercials and dreamed of going to @disneyland so I could be more #immersed in the characters and their worlds. A way to get away from my own .These games have that to me in the only way possible in #the90s
It seems everybody I meet nowadays, so many of my peers, have the same stories... scary upbringings, tons of neglect or the opposite... too much attention in a bad way. We all seem to have found escapes in the commercial worlds our parents brought us up in but these material things... they've lost their importance. It was all a facade. The value in them was manufactured as was our interest. These games were fun, they taught me important skills, they provided a healthy escape and allowed me to focus on me for a bit. I hope they can be the same for someone else. Or just a shelf piece or a way to flip a buck. I don't give a fuck I just want em moved on and I want all the logos and brands and massproduced icons out of my way so I can focus on me.
It'll be after the new year that they ship but if someone has an interesting trade offer shoot it my way. Please be discreet about your addresses and such. This is a very open and cooperative platform. Don't want your personal information tampered with on my behalf.

In this bunch are #lionking #aladdin #sonicthehedgehog #jurassicpark

Couldn't tell you honest value other than being my favorite games and I won't be reading/entertaining any offers til a later tim

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