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☆ The new contest of @LOVES_UNITED_LIFE
☆ R U L E S
ⓐ Put the Tag #loves_united_norway or #loves_united_life
ⓑ Follow @Loves_United_Norway and @Loves_United_Life
ⓒ New and old photos are allowed
ⓓ Unlimited entries
ⓔ Thursday we will choose our best of the week and will participate in the selection for the final
☆ T H E F I N A L
❶ The winner of the challenge, country or theme, will participate to final selection on Friday on @Loves_United_Life
❷ The Team Crew of @Loves_United_Life will choose the 3 best photos from all hubs who take part and the most liked pic will win the game.
❸ Do not use images downloaded from internet!
➍ Have fun together!!!
☆ Visit @Loves_United_Family