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Hey Guys! It’s me, sorry we haven’t been posting in a while. I got married to a ukulele, and kayla got married to a guitar! Funny how love works, 😉. Well, I’m gonna beg Kayla to post more. We are gonna post more photos of our favorite bands! This is Five Seconds Of Summer, if you don’t know them. They are my brothers. Michael, Luke, Ashton, and... Callum, my boyfriend. 😍♥️🎸 Follow Us For More Updates! Let’s get this photo to 100 likes, how about it? #fivesecondsofsummer #5sos #CallumHood #michaelclifford #lukehemmings #ashton5sos • And that’s all I have for y’all today, oh and I diddnt think I said before but it’s Erin speaking at y’all in this one. Bye! ^-^

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