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My daughter wears cat ears everyday, why can’t I? 🐱💎🐱💎 (I actually do when she says “let’s be twins!” and sticks them on my head) #mommylife #snapcat #goodmorning
Zoodles!! 💚🙌🏼🍝🥒 My little helper and I made zoodles with the Spiralizer, then sautéed them in a little coconut oil until semi soft. Then I cooked up a batch of sauce with a jar of organic basil marinara, and a pound of (1 package) Kosher lean ground turkey, garlic powder, sea salt, dried basil, and hot sauce. Easy, healthy, and delicious! #ZucchiniNoodles #PaleoPasta
Elio's post birthday meal: organic chicken apple sausage, organic raspberries, and organic avocado. Simple happiness 😉😋#Paleo
So proud of Jo’s transformation, she is determined to conquer👸🏽
What she has to say: “For me it's about becoming a better version of me, inner and outer. Challenging myself everyday to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being that person that's secure in her own skin. And showing woman in my age group that you can Fabulous and Fit at 50😘”
New foodie obsessions 😍😋Has anyone else tried the Coco whip?! It's like cool whip made with organic coconut milk 😱🙌🏼😍. Putting it on your coffee is like heaven!! So glad my friend showed me this! (It's at Publix etc and WFs). And also the Whole Foods pumpkin apple loaf is incredible with coffee 🍞☕️ #SoDeliciousCocoWhip #CocoWhip #Coffee
🎶Once I've been there...🎶
Let's talk about: "listening to your body". It's not a term I care to apply to my nutrition, but in terms of training, as a female, hormones have to be taken into account. This week was HARD on me. Fighting the expected cyclical fatigue makes my strength training a challenge, and though I stuck with my program (today was my max squat day at 140, yesterday max deads at 155), I just didn't feel that juicy pump. Solution? Made room for light band and cable work incorporating a bit of BFR. Still mentally more challenging than during other times of the month, but a nice boost after a hard time at the "bar". I've harped on this before in terms of nutrition. "Listening to your body" requires a good ear. Is the solution to stay in bed? Not a chance. Chasing those 185# squats and deads, and I want them caught by 🎄. For more on cyclical training adaptations in female athletes, check out Lyle McDonald. Interesting stuff.

Pad: @iprfitness
Mini band: @neeboofit 👖: @cls_sportswear
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Hey, hey! Happy Friday!
Today, I got up early to get my workout in. It was an Iso Speed day, which means each move was done with three slow stops followed by fast, fluid moves. Ten reps of slow & ten reps of fast. Tricep kickback twists & Sumo squats are shown here.
What are you working on? Do you follow a plan or a program? Results come when you do. Set some goals & monitor your progress. And don't slack just because it's the weekend. 😉💪🏼 #tgif #bedhead #fitlife #cleaneating #girlmom #fitmom #grateful #whatyougive #gratefulwifeandmom #travelingpharmacist #musiclover #gratitudeattitude #scorpio #fitfam #fitfamuk #fitmum #girlmum #hammerandchisel #thegrind #disciplineequalsfreedom #wellness #fitnessjourney #healthylifestyle
Hey 👋🏼 I started up new programming this week and as always I’m loving the switch up but am ridiculously sore and ravenous 😆 It’s like I’m incapable of feeling full 🤤 Trying to fuel my body without going overboard but it’s not easy. Tonight is greasy burger night and I can’t get to dinner fast enough 😆🍔 Some clips from my leg day Wednesday 👆🏼 Forward pause lunges and barbell squats (SWIPE ⬅️ for lunges)- I recently lowered my squat weight by about 25lbs because I found my form had been deteriorating in regards to my hips rising too quickly in relation to my chest. So I’ve scaled weight back and am focusing on form as I incrementally increase weight back up. Thankfully, squats are not the only effective way to work your glutes and quads... been still increasing weight in my hip thrusts, lunge variations, and deadlifts. But taking things slow and with the squats for now.
When you are starving late night and don't wanna eat junk lol. Dr Praegers veggie burger, vegan kale cashew pesto, with tomatoes, and red onions, on big rosemary sea salt crackers. Yummm

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