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It was a total family affair during yoga today...these are hands down the best workouts!! #familyworkout #teachingthemyoung #leadbyexample #fitfamily #TheRosas
I live for laughing,’s good for your heart & Abs;) Thank you babe @rudyrosa26 for keeping a smile on my face & making me laugh these past 21 years...❤️🙏🏽😁😬🤗 #livelovelaugh #laughingismyfavorite #healthybodymindandspirit #TheRosas
Real results guys from a badass Mama in my challenge groups. 🤸🏻‍♀️
She was a depressed mother of two turned HOT milf. I said it. #sorrynotsorry 🙈
How many mothers look like the image on the left and want to look like the image on the right?!? 🙋🏼
It’s freaking possible!!! Why not feel great and look great and have more energy? Why not you and why not NOW?!? Let’s make it happen. Message me.
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Hey guys!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 What if I told you, you can try my healthy lifestyle for 1️⃣ week - no long term commitment- and see if it's for you? Would you do it? If you're anything like the old me, you're probably hesitant. What if I can't do it or make the time for the workouts? What if I fail? What if I don't like it? What if it doesn't work for me? Or just straight up skeptical about the whole thing. 😳🤷‍♀️ Well here's your answer, try it for 1 week. For REAL. At least then you can say you tried it right? You're going to see for yourself that you will have more energy ⚡️, more confidence 💃, endurance 💪🏻 overall feel healthier and get closer to your goal weight 👏🏻. Let me show you what it's all about and lets have some FUNNNN next week! 🎉 Here is what your package will come with: 🔸 Meal plan for the week (so helpful)! 🔸 7 day supply of shakes (all the nutrition)! 🔸 Daily at home workouts = killer results! 🔸 Optional workouts with me and the crew! 🔸 A ton of support, love and accountability! 🔸 Chance to win a prize! 🙌🏻🎁 We start Monday October 23rd. Message me TONIGHT for more info. and to hold your spot in this group. 🤘🏻👭
Questions I get asked 👍
👉 how do I get stronger?
👉 how do I lose weight?
👉 what should I eat?
👉 do I need to train all the time?
👉 do I need to keep eating this way?
👉 when can I change my diet back to normal?
👉 I go out partying most weekends is that ok?
👉 I haven’t got time for breakfast so I just have a coffee about 10 is that ok? 👉 Can I just have a treat each day as I really need it?
👉 do I need to do cardio?

Ok so these are just some of the questions I get asked regularly from clients and gym goers. My answers pretty much vary depending on the context they’re asked in. However, no matter what your question regarding your training, nutrition or what you can have or not have. Think about this ..... Why are you doing this?
What is your actual goal?
And most importantly......
HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??? #betheVERYbestversionofYOU
When it gets tough or when you feel you need to satisfy that craving, or quitting seems like an option 😳😳😳think about 👉WHY YOU STARTED ‼️ You must enjoy what you do that is very important. But we all have goals🏆 and we all have deep inside us a real burning desire to achieve our goals🔥‼️ no matter what you tell yourself or what your piers tell you‼️ So if you haven’t started 👉START NOW‼️
And if you have started on your journey 👉KEEP GOING YOUR’E GONNA BE AWESOME‼️ Make this thing a lifestyle not a chore it’s much more fun that way trust me💪🏋️🏆✅ If you have any questions or enquiries about training or nutrition get in touch 📩 📩 Beardstronguk 1-2-1 Training & Fitness 📩 @beardstronguk
Have an awesome day guys 👊👊👊 #TeamBeardstrong
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Now that’s a view! 👌🏻🍑🔥 Tag model of know👇🏼
TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: It's crazy the difference a few years can make. It's important to take a step back and look at how far one has come. We are proud of our lives: our degrees, our jobs, our relationship, our children, and finally our bodies.

We still have plenty that we want/need to work on both physically and mentally, but it's important to look back and be grateful for the progress you have already made.

The biggest change we have made to help us physically is our relationship with food. We no longer have the mentality that we need junk food/sweets to make us happy.
The biggest change we have made to help our personal and work life is boosting our confidence level & personal development. We feel amazing, strong & powerful.
Don't try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead focus on making one small change at a time. Overtime though small changes will add up to big transformation.

Do you want to feel secure about yourself in your own skin, need motivation, support...We can help.
Comment below, I'd love to give you more details on how to get started.

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Taekwondo 🥋 is now on twice a week !! Wednesday 6.30pm and Saturday 7am. Will we see you tonight?
Love having my healthy snacks at my disposal because it helps keep me from getting overly hungry in between meals and then overeating at my next meal... #healthysnacks #fuelyourbody #liveahealthylifestyle #healthybodymindandsoul
Did this TRX one legged lunge with an oblique crunch and it's an unbelievable core workout and felt like cardio routine! Try it. Works your balance too! Do 10 on each side!
I want to live in a world where mums see their own beauty.

We are in france at the moment for half term and it is unseasonably warm - I mean bikini kind of warm in the sun. But I only packed autumn clothes as Denmark was crazy cold when we left.
So I have dug out old clothes that I brought here 13 years ago and didn't bring home.

So when we are at the house I wear these yellow shorts they are a little too tight and short. When i put them for a bit I thought back to the time I bought these I was 23. And yes I was thinner and had less wrinkles but now I'm healthier, stronger and much much happier with my body.
When I ask my girls what they see in this picture they say my strong thighs.

When I look I see exactly the same and it makes me smile. My body isn't perfect but I love how awesome it is.
If you could see yourself for just one minute the way your son or daughter sees you how do you think you would treat yourself differently?

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I think we spend a lot of time worrying about wanting so much out of life that we forget sometimes to just enjoy the ride. 😏 I am determined to live each day with a heart filled with gratitude. I review my personal goals daily and I get so excited thinking about how happy my family and I will be once I achieve x, y and z, but I don't want to lose sight of the present moment. I've added in something else while reviewing my goals. A gratitude list. I don't want to lose sight or overlook what I already have. Right now I am grateful for my family and friends, my health, my faith, feeling the sunshine on my face and being able to work from home. What about you? What are you grateful for today? "Make the now, the primary focus in your life." P.S. Madi is grateful for the song "Don't worry be happy." 🙌🏻
#vegan lunch 🥗 butternut squash and cauliflower pure with walnuts, cashew milk seasoned with Himalayas salt, a touch of maple 🍁 syrup to bring out the sweetness of the butternut squash, Italian fresh herbs 🌿 olive oil and nutmeg, topped with grilled onions, perfect for the fall season #seasonaleating #healthyfat #nongmo #glutenfree #vegetarianfood #vegete#veganrecipes #yummy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #wei#weightlossjourney #weightloss #brazilianthunder⚡️ #fitfoodie #fitfood #fit #fitspo #fitness #fitbody#fitfam #fitbit #fitaddicted #fitandthick #fitandstrong
Hi 👋🏼 How've you been?
I've had me a little SOCIAL MEDIA break because well, I felt like it ☺️
No Instagram No Facebook and I haven't even turned on my laptop for a week, and tried to limit my Whatsapp to certain times of the day.
It feels good to DISCONNECT from the digital world 📱 💻 give my brain a SCREEN break and just LIVE in the moment.
I've trained almost every day like normal, but haven't shared where I've been or what I've been doing. I've enjoyed working out and not picking up my phone. And you know what? Nothing's changed, I didn't miss a thing 🤣

However I have missed CONNECTING with you guys though and giving you some HEALTH & FITNESS inspiration 💪🏼 So here's what I've learnt from my break... You are HUMAN!! You are made to MOVE, to BREATHE to EAT WELL to SOCIALISE and to Look after YOURSELF 🌟

You weren't born attached to a phone 😬

Take the inspiration that you need from those you follow on Social Media and then get out there and LIVE IT!!! Spend more time DOING and less time READING ABOUT and enjoy some SCREEN FREE time ❌

I'll see you on the other side 🎟
Photo credit @abbylawsonimages .
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