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I am so sick of spending just about every waking moment looking at screens. 💔 #firstworldproblems
I’m 10 minutes into figuring out a business plan and I get caught up figuring out why the remote doesn’t work 😅 pc: my amused aunt 😂 This is not an album cover I swear 😉 #happyhumpday #fromme
What is the measure of friendship? To me, it is this. It is the resonance and the joy and the gratitude. It is being fortunate enough to have met @aliciak1975 on the med school interview trail. It was the good fortune of becoming friends. It was and is the privilege of knowing the little man, Holden, that fills her life with joy. It is seeing @_liam.elum_ and @aliciak1975 solve #firstworldproblems in her new ride. The true measure is joy. #friendship #lifelongfriends #fam #family #werisetogether #wildcats #northwesternuniversity
When you need a reality check that you have first world problems, ask yourself, did I swim chest deep through swamp water, mosquitos, snakes and fish for 8+ hours today in the hot sun while balancing vegetables on my head?
#realitycheck #myanmar #beetleleaves #tabacco #yangonlife #circletrain #labor #fields #crops #country #harvest #international #travelandlearn #perspective #firstworldproblems #thirdworldreality #developingcountry #dengue #snakes #water #sanitation #swamp
STORYTIME! So I have wanted @kandeejohnson's Banana Pudding Powder since it came out, but ya girl is broke so I couldn't afford it. I went into the closest Ulta to me (1 hour away) 5 times before today and every time it was just sitting there calling my name, but still no $$. So I get a 20% off coupon in the mail last night and make plans to go to the store by myself to get this one thing. I get there and the display is gone. I thought "Okay, maybe it's just back with the rest of the @toofaced stuff, I'll check there." Nope. Finally I asked one of the employees and she told me that they no longer had any of her products. So I'm walking out of the mall by myself without the one thing I came for and I just started crying. I called one of my friends who offered to call the next closest Ulta to see if they had it-spoiler alert- they don't. So for about 15 minutes I just sat in my car and ugly cried because I thought I could get this 1 thing. It's so superficial of me and I know I shouldn't be so upset about it, but it's the one thing that I've truly wanted in a while. There is no ending to this story. I'm still sad I didn't get it, but my friend is going to help me see if anywhere within a 3 hour distance has it. If not, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. 🤷🏼‍♀️#storytime #toofacedcosmetics #iwantkandee #firstworldproblems #kandeejohnson
I tried doing space buns on myself and I literally looked a toad.🐸 How does Sabrina work the hairstyle so good?🤔 #firstworldproblems
Every time I leave the city. Every time. Dragging 5-6 major bags, dog, etc to car. It takes me a good 45 minutes to get out of the apartment. (And I'm not even there that long!) No matter how I try, I can't seem to get the number of bags down - especially since we don't have a washing machine in the Hudson Valley... it's a good problem to have, I know. And I feel very blessed. Sometimes, it just cracks me up... Tessa and I make a good team.
I really wanna just end it all.
what the hell is suppose to actually help me when I dont know what help I need?
Or do I really need help?
Its pointless for me,
Im just living now
Rotting from the inside out Im already dying, and enjoying it kinda
Seeing my uneven hip bones and caved rib cage gives me comfort to
Know I'll die soon
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I hate you numbers so fucking much. Fuck you stupid shits for real. Everyday I have to count things over again, weight myself repeatedly, count calories that are probably inaccurate, and so much more to please them. Why cant they leave me alone?? What the fuck did I do for these assholes to just drown me in anxiety?
My 30th birthday is 3 months from today, so I’ll just post this to remind my husband what I *really* mean when I say “don’t do anything for my birthday.” #truth #extra #👑 [#regram from @betches] DO YOU RELATE? 🙋🏻😂
Sometimes I remind myself of this when I want things or get upset about silly things. Because sometimes I'm Kourtney, but mostly I'm Kim. #my40intvistoosmall #firstworldproblems
At the end of the day I'm really lucky that school and homework are currently my biggest issues... Except I wonder if school and homework are the culprits behind this imbalance
I forgot a comma after 'comprehend' and I'm dying
I am throwing off my orange aesthetic for this picture. But it's fine. 🍁 #firstworldproblems