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I heard they're remaking Pet Semetary. Hope its as good as the first. First day of Inktober...I'm following @moxie.saturday 's Inktober list. 😺
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How far do you wanna go? #explore 🍁 Need to get away? We have a lake and 2 kayaks you can use anytime! Hit me up on the DM if you get the urge to venture out. K bye 👋🏼 #lifeisgood
Two girls in awe watching the men work to clear rocks and debris out the back yard in preparation for their new playset, which will be built Monday! #backyardtransformationbegins #HoustonHomeprojects #firstonthelist
As we enter into the season of spring in South Africa, I am reminded once again that changes and transition can be good! I am not naturally a risk taker or embracer of change - I prefer staying in the same place for as long as possible (be it a home, job, town etc) , BUT I have realized that I have grown the most through the many changes in my life and without them I would be "stagnating" and "stunted" in my growth - as a person, in character, talents and skills. Change and transition are hardly ever easy or comfortable but the end results are so worth it.
These lovely flowers from a friend have brought such beauty and colour to my flat and also reminded me of the beauty and colour my amazing friends have brought to my life. Throughout the many changing seasons of my 29 years of existence, God has blessed me with a colourful variety of friends, many of whom have become more like family. We have shared both joyful and sad/painful times, and without them, my world would be a very dull place. Thank you to each and every friend and family member in my life who has brought his/her unique beauty and fragrance to my world - you are all loved and appreciated!!
Here's to the start of a new season, embracing change and transition in all forms, and to the many beautiful people who make life more meaningful and colourful! 🌻🌷🌹🌱🌈
#spring #changeinseason #changeisgood #embracingchange #flowers #friendship #blessings #thankful #grateful