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Toward the end of the Clone Wars, Jango Fett’s original DNA sample had begun to deteriorate, and the cloning facilities on Kamino were unable to get a fresh sample due to his death at the hands of Mace Windu. This deterioration was resulting in lower quality clones, and more frequent mutations. While some malformed clones, such as Clone 99, were kept around for non-combat operations, a few clones experienced positive mutations. A squad of these mutated clones went by the name Clone Force 99 (in honor of Clone 99), or “Bad Batch,” and served as one of the Republic’s most elite fighting forces.

Lead by Sergeant Hunter, the team was comprised of Wrecker, an oversized clone with increased strength; Crossair, a marksman with abnormally high weapons accuracy; and Tech, the teams engineer, technician, hacker, communications officer, and scientific genius.

When the humanoid arachnid Admiral Trench attacks the planet Anaxes, the heart of the Republic’s fleet construction, the Bad Batch is called in by Captain Rex to stop him. Rex identifies Trench’s tactics as an algorithm the clone captain had developed himself, an algorithm only known by 2 other clones – Echo and Fives – both of whom are thought to be dead.

The team follows a lead to the “neutral” planet of Skako Minor, where they find the clone Echo – heavily modified by prosthetics and implants – in a Techno Union base where his brain is being scoured and manipulated for the Separatist war machine. Rescuing Echo, Anakin, Rex, and the Bad Batch return to Anaxes, where they are able to destroy Admiral Trench’s ship, killing the Admiral and saving the republic shipyards.

Originally intended to kick off season 7 of The Clone Wars, Bad Batch is another arc that has been released on in its incomplete form. 
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