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User Image jadedpawsrescue Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:16 PM (UTC)
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Our tiny little guy, that we took in yesterday had a very rough night last night. He vomited multiple times, before finally succumbing to his exhaustion. This morning, after the bloated belly went down we could finally see the entire picture of his health. He is emaciated, still very dehydrated despite him getting fluids yesterday, and his belly is craving sustinence, which it unfortunately cannot handle right now. He is starting his other medications today, which we are hoping help him. We have already called and updated our vet to his condition as of this morning, to include the fact that he finally pooped!!! While we are happy he pooped, means no blockage...we are saddened to see what he had to eat in order to survive.
Anyways, so without further Ado...we would like to announce that this handsome little boy, finally has a name....Nemo.... #findingnemo #rescued #safe #warm #neveragainforgotten #mylifenattered #vetcare #jadedpawsrescue #onslownc
Fishy? Wake up...Wake up!
Why are you sleeping?

I'm so excited to finally share my Darla Sherman Makeup transformation from the movie "Finding Nemo"!
I've been working on this project for months because I wanted all the details to be as polish as possible.

One of the biggest challenge was to replicate Darla's facial shapes on a real face, as an animated character, her face is caricatural and does not exactly respect human proportions.
Another big challenge was the orthodontic device, I wanted it to look real so I ordered actual dental brackets and applied them on a metallic wire that I shaped on my teeth mould, in this way I was able to have any bracket exactly at the center of any tooth.

As alway I covered my eyebrows and then applied a foundation base, to create all the lights and shadows I used cream colors (with a slightly orange undertone) and on top, powders; I made the freckles with baked eyeshadows dissolved in water and I sprayed them on my face with a stencil brush.

To complete the look I glued a copper lace wig some inches down from my real hairline to give the illusion of a smaller face.
The sweater is made by me, to give a vibrant effect I used 6 shades of glitters ( teal, dark blue, pink, magenta, gold and copper).
Green Circle lenses helped me to give my eyes a childish and "hysterical" touch :) Wig by @epiccosplaywigs
Scylla in Copper Red
Contact Lenses by Kamehouse Shop
Model: Pretty Eye (Green)

Makeup Products:
Pros-aide (to glue and blend the prosthetic)
Kryolan F/X wax (to cover the eyebrows)
Kryolan Ultrafoundation (for the base)
Kryolan Supracolors (for contouring)
Kryolan Translucent Powder (to set)
Kryolan Dual Finish (for powder contouring)
Kryolan Cream Blusher (for blush, facial redness and lips)
Kiko Eyeshadows ( for freckles and to intensify contour/highlight)

#makeup #makeuptransformation #darla #findingnemo #epiccosplaywigs #disney #cosplay #kryolanitalia #kryolan #manuelda #manueldandrea #costumes
User Image sportdiver Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:15 PM (UTC)
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Love to see this behavior up close - anemonefish blowing air on the eggs to keep them oxygenated. Thanks to @emiliakerr for sharing such a great image.⠀
Share you favorite underwater macro images with @sportdiver by using the hashtag #sportdivermag
User Image fruitaquarian Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:39 PM (UTC)
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All the knowledge in the World and One still can’t reach or tune in the frequency of Wisdom that you can channel from simply connecting to the Source of All That Is 🌴☀️❤️🌊 We can all Create and Manifest Magic by simply tuning in and unlearn all the limitations and delete the bugs implemented in our brains by the System. Mother Nature, please Guide us Back to Simplicity and Perfection, back to the Sacred Original Default 🙏🏽🦋👁 #thirdeye #eyeam #origins #pinealgland #decalcify #detoxyourmind #detox #detoxification #cleanse #heal #eatthesun #barefoot #jungle #island #health #holytrinity #mindbodysoul #spirit #spiritual #higherconsciousness #wisdomoverknowledge #positivevibes #tropical #melanin #nolimits #manifestation #wearecreators #God #trusttheprocess #traveler

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