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We now have a self serve batch brew filter coffee. Come try some of our awesome single origins!!
Get your coffee on point at home or the office with our great range of @hario_official filter brewing products and @7seedscoffee beans. We have everything you need in store right now to brew like a pro!
behmor 17m ago
A few days ago Joe Behm, Founder of #Behmor, was part of a panel at @smartkitchensummit! 📷 Credit: @smartkitchensummit
There's something exciting about stumbling upon a cafe when exploring a new city ☕️🌱💯
We’ve been on the road showcasing our Underdog series with exclusive cuppings across Australia hosted by our green bean buyer @charlotte.malaval. The world’s demand for specialty coffee is increasing and the production capacity of our most popular regions is diminishing. It’s time to rethink our perception of where specialty coffee comes from and support our industry’s newest champions from emerging countries such as Myanmar, Uganda Malawi and Mexico.
This month our subscribers have been enjoying coffee from Oslo coffee roaster, @lippekaffe. Their coffee is as beautiful as their packaging.
BSx108 • This is a brew story. The brew depicted in this photo took place in Sydney in 2017. Not only do they smell great, we’ve discovered that @alchemyprodux candles also make cool cups for freshly brewed ice coffee. If you’re like us and don’t like cleaning, any residual wax will add notes of pink grapefruit and bergamot to your brew. Truly.
This Finca Deborah geisha from @fiveelephant is a truly outstanding coffee. Lighter and more delicate than I expected, very tea like in many ways. Definitely not what I was expecting from a geisha.

There's a few bags left of this at so if you're in the market for a truly special coffee I'd head there quick, as this is probably one of the best beans on the planet right now.
Whilst you're there they also have an outstanding espresso from Bonanza. If you try it let me know what flavour notes you get below, there's one that stood out to me in a huge way and I'm curious to find out what people think.

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All the coffee beans from @rocketcoffee are so obvious! I brewed Gelena Abaya from Ethiopia using the aeropress and it tasted like a pineapple as the tasting note's saying. It never lies. 👌🏻 #coffee #baristalife #barista #filtercoffee #aeropress #specialtycoffee #ethiopia #rocketcoffee #campercoffee #auckland
Our friends at @craftworkroasting are roasting the mind-blowingly delicious Ethiopian, Abiyot Boru, at the moment. You can head along to @loaferbread in Fitzroy North to try it as a filter coffee (bottomless cup, anyone?), followed by the Kenyan Kanja AB for round two (paired with some crusty artisan bread, of course 🙌). See you there!

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