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Welp, another shoot down, another amazing team. In 5 hours, we went from an idea from @carlynicole24 to a script written by yours truly, to Mr. @dpierceand bringing it all together on camera. Shoutout to everyone else here too, it wouldn't have happened without you guys staying out late for us
#truemu #filmstudent #halloween #spooky
Planet In Focus📌🍁The 18th Annual Environmental Film Festival 2017 * October 19th -22nd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Visit
Check out my film "Case and Paige" on my YouTube channel (link in bio). This film is a very deeply personal work of mine, and I would love to share it with the rest of the world. Lmk what you think of it.
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Everything is a work in progress, myself included. Some folks think that having a website right now is premature but I disagree. It’s an opportunity to get myself out there. It’s an opportunity for people to see my good and not so good student films, and it’s an opportunity to follow me on my filmmaking journey as I learn and grow and get better at what I want to do. I’m even going to start a blog. @paulhaggis Said it best - Believe in your work and go make it happen. #filmmaking #filmmaker #writer #director #producer #film #artist #starvingartist #filmstudent #growth #thejourney #indieartist #future #bloggerlife #followme.
ryelin 4h ago
here's a nice bed i put together for someone's scene yesterday. this was after the shoot so it's not as neat, but i'm v proud of it. ✨
After filming this, I was instantly inspired to create a short #horror film. 🤔 Let me get to writing.
Come visit me as my character @1mintyfresh this month at ScreamWorld. 🎬🎭🎞🎥 #filmstudent
My first major project for school, “Best Friends Forever?” Big thanks to @m.groundwater and @dreidelstein for your lovely acting skills!!! 😊 #nofilter #northvancouver #MOPA #film #filmstudent #vancity #yvr

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