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User Image Posted: Mar 22, 2018 6:49 PM (UTC)

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His rock solid characters were beyond real life people –
They stood for their - beliefs and dharma – fought for right and wrong –
even sacrificing their life - they were super sensitive, unpractical, innocent –
achieved glories of greatness - valued pure love and silent sentiments –
They respected life – they respected humanity – Dilip Kumar in "Paigham" fought for
worker's right in a capitalist society,
but treated the 'mill' he worked in as a 'mother' who protects
the workers as her children – by giving them a job thus feeding their children.
'Paigham' was produced and directed by S. S. Vasan – Movie magnet from South
and written by Ramanand Sagar for which he got the Film Fare Award.
It brought two thespians as two warring brothers
Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar together for the first time
Music Director C. Ram Chandra's song "Insaan se insaan ka ho bhayee chaara ......."
is quoted even today by political parties and workers union leaders. (Photo Caption)
‘Paigham’ Directed and Dialogue by Ramanand Sagar winner of best Dialogue Filmfare award
photo A 30" x 40" publicity poster of the film #blessedbyramanandsagar #sagarworld #dilipkumar #raajkumar #paigam #ramanandsagar #bollywood #filmstudios #filmfare #writersofindia #writersassociation #filmposter #oldhindimovies #prints #bestdialogue #biopic #memoirsofpremsagar