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Just trying to be a better version of myself 🔥 Day by day. #strongwomen
It’s taken me a while to process all of my thoughts and feelings to be able to write this candidly and from the heart due to my disappointment of what was the main event. Those who follow and know me know my passion and positivity.

In my previous post I touched on the importance of a great support team behind you. One who has your back, believes in you and has YOU as an individual and not just a monthly bank transfer.
I am so very thankful to ALL those who helped me bring that condition and are going to continue to back me over the next chapters. It’s going to be exciting.
@teammusclehype @ryanrhino_ you have been truly amazing. Thank you for having faith in me and investing time, effort and knowledge in what has been a result of achieving the best version of me both mentally and physically to date.
My gains have been so much more than aesthetically. Friendship, Confidence, Strength and Belief are to name a few but the list is endless and THOSE are the things that made this all worthwhile. Those are the things that mean more than any points scoring or trophy ever would. A placing is simply a bonus.
Urgh! Too much gush! I’ve said it before body builder, hoody, ard as nails ROCK OUT 🤘🏽😝. But know this Sir, I am sincerely thankful even if I did swear at you a few times during sessions 🖕🏽
We did what we set out to do.
Nailed it!
We're #curious creatures by nature 😉 Exploring the #art of the possible is an endless and fascinating journey in fitness in all its forms. The only constant is #change, learn to love it and embrace it, let #curiosity fuel the fire 🔥 😉💪🌟✨🎬🌟😊👠💪🔥🌟💥☀️✨💫 __________________________________________________

Photographer: @matt__marsh
Bikini: @seafollyaustralia
Stage Coach: @toby.harrison
Tan: @lushcustomspraytanning
Hair and Makeup: Self


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#tbt being lean and SUPER AWKWARD 😂😂Don’t know if I’ll make an excellent competitor because I live more for training than the stage. I need help in that department for sure! I can’t even pose well in a homemade video 😜😜😜😬🤷🏻‍♀️#tbt #bodybuilding #figurecompetitor #awkward #why #embarrassing
It's back, and it's better than ever.. Superhot! Available to order from this Saturday 🔥
Most of you who see me in person on a daily basis never notice when I put my hair down. My hair is sooooo long!!! Should I cut it? And apparently my back is still looking diced! Love it! #905 #burlington #ontario #oakville #hamilton #followme #follow4follow #appleby #love #transformation #halton #416 #tdot #weightloss #instalike #fitnessaddict #l4l #toronto #hamont #strongwomen #longhair #beast
And just like that, my thighs disappeared 😁🙏🏼Throwback to June 30, and fast forward to this week - WHO the heck is that chick with the sexy legs?!? It took JUST 3.5 months to change my legs in ways I only ever dreamed about 😳in ways I never thought were possible for my body type! They say you cannot spot reduce fat, that the fat will come off your body in the places that it wants to - I believe this now. My upper body has been very lean for months now, and now POOF all of a sudden my legs have decided to cooperate. This pic makes ALL the gym sessions and macros worth it 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼You CAN change your body, even your most troublesome spots. I achieved this by following the scientifically sound workout & nutrition plan designed by @treymcnease, and through careful supplementation of safe and natural vitamins. If you are ready to sculpt your own sexy legs, PM me. ⚜️ALSO, I'm considering wearing the Green bathing suit for the @fitness_star Model Search for this coming weekend - yay or nay? ⚜️
I love Insta for so many reasons, mostly because I find so much fitness inspiration within it.....BUT
As much as I 💗 seeing pics of shredded lean, comp prepped peeps, I 💗💗💗 seeing the off-season pics!
For me, seeing those (figure girl in particular) off-season pics helps me feel like I’m on track and it’s pretty cool to see ladies rocking their curves, knowing they’re hiding some awesome muscle underneath.
Please TAG your fave figure girls who love to post their off-season style 👌🏼

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