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I'm officially done with 8 weeks of my 22 minute hard corps program! 🎉🙌🏻🎊💕 Basically it was 22 minutes a day, 6 days a week, of military style workouts. Think burpees, push-ups, pull ups, lots of strength and endurance, drill sergeant style 💪🏻 I must say, the trainer nor the workout was my cup of tea 😏

I thought about quitting about ten times 😫

But here's the thing: I'm no quitter and I had never quit a Beachbody program before and didn't intend on starting now! 😤

Plus it was only 22 minutes of my day. And today, I'M DONE! 🙏🏻 That being said, full disclosure, I did miss some workouts on the calendar which I don't usually do either. But here's the thing:
💕I'm pregnant 🤰🏼 💕I had the flu twice in this 8 weeks 😷🤧
💕I was teaching two or three fitness classes a week in addition to the calendar 🙄
💕I didn't like the trainer or the workout much 😪

So I'd say I'm pretty dang proud of myself for not throwing in the towel! 😤

Even when pregnancy started giving me heartburn in the burpees I already loathe 😜

And now I'm super excited to start with a week of the new Clean Week workouts with healthy candy bars on Monday! Much more my style 😘 still room if you want to join this fun, week long group! 🍫

Remember: you don't have to be perfect. Just don't give up on what you started 💕
Another landscape in progress in between designing tons of website mockups 😵🎉From a photo I took outside of Portland earlier this year, truly fields of gold 😍
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✨Woke up like this 😴! 😂🤣🤣Of course not, i'm not a hobo, but i had to take a pic in this epic scene💓✨

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