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I am honoured to have had the opportunity to be part of a panel on #feminism this week at De La Salle High school. What a great turn out! #feminism2018 #femalesurgeon
User Image courtneyrosecudo Posted: Feb 15, 2018 11:51 PM (UTC)

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Girls claim to support girls and what not but will still flirt with another’s boyfriend #???? #feminism2018
User Image bethany_chamberlin Posted: Feb 11, 2018 8:51 PM (UTC)

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Last week I was in a local book store, picking up a few books for my daughter to consume during a weekend trip to visit our family. 6+ hours each way, >> this mom << can only handle so much of the road-trip interrogation.
While I was debating on a particular couple of books I thought she'd enjoy I saw an interaction that both shocked me and broke my heart.
A mother took a book out of her approximately 10 year old daughters hands, then proceeded to berate her: "The reason your brother can read these books is because his IQ is SO MUCH HIGHER than yours. He's so CRAZY insanely smart he can understand these books. You just can't. You need to go pick out a book that's at your grade-level." I watched the expression on that little girls face go from excitement to devastation .
Now, we can go around in circles on whether or not this mom was correct in that the book was beyond her. That is a separate issue.
The problem is that she didn't give her daughter hope. Her brother is placed on a pedestal far above her. She could have said so many other things about why she couldn't have that book yet, and not crush her spirit.
The little girl was given to occasion to rise to. No challenge to achieve. No future except that one day she'll be older and then maybe.... There is a commercial on TV right now Samsung is putting out - the tagline is "Do what you can't." As cheesy as it is, I love it so. It's what I hope my daughter sees. Do what you can't. Do what is "too hard" make it over the mountains and hurdles. Through the mud and unseen struggles. .
#letschangetheworld #thegirlsoftoday #thegirlsoftomorrow #feminism2018 #feminismoftoday #pdx #portlandoregon #portlandphotographer #washingtonphotographer #togetherwerise #wherewillshego
#feminist #feminism #forthegirls #pnwphotographers #pnw #bethechange #dowhatyoucant #riseabove
User Image emmadumontlucas Posted: Feb 11, 2018 2:54 AM (UTC)
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I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you. 💙
User Image bethany_chamberlin Posted: Feb 11, 2018 12:02 AM (UTC)

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How do we raise up mentally + emotionally strong girls?
How do we break out of the roles we are built into simply because it’s all the world knows?
I want my daughter to know how strong she is.
That she can grow up in a world of possibilities.
That she is not limited.
That she can do, and be, truely anything she wants.

I want her to know whatever she chooses to do doesn’t make her any less of a person than the next. That her life path will be different than anyone elses, because she herself is a unique human.
That she should never feel guilty for her desires and follow them as far as she wants.
Where does this start, though?
With us. With the women that ARE. We, right here, have to model what we want for the future. Lets challenge our view, our perspectives of the world together. .
#letschangetheworld #thegirlsoftoday #thegirlsoftomorrow #feminism2018 #feminismoftoday #pdx #portlandoregon #portlandphotographer #washingtonphotographer #togetherwerise #wherewillshego
User Image fitstackdeveloper Posted: Feb 10, 2018 8:42 PM (UTC)

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Posting a pic that isn’t porridge! Felt girly in this photo made some effort again with the makeup. I take about 20-30 minutes to do my makeup depending how much effort I want to make and it often depends on what time I make it to work. Speaking of being girly, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles in the news lately about just.. feminist topics. Now, I’m not wanting to call myself a feminist in 2018 because that term has negative connotations to me but I’m all about empowering women... You want to be an F1 Grid girl? Great. Want to be a rocket scientist? Also great...whatever people want to do- as long as it isn’t hurting (offending is fine, you can’t help who you offend these days) anyone, it’s probably fine by me. As a female in a more than 80% male dominated field, no, it isn’t easy.. but it isn’t easy as a human being. Most of the stuff that I find difficult I think I find difficult because it’s my human nature or who I am as a person that defines how I interpret the world and the challenges I face living in it- and that is all. I’ve said it many times in these long ranty posts - everything is largely about perspective. I’ve had times where, I think it’d be easier if I was a man- just like I’ve had times where I’m glad I’m a woman. There isn’t a perfect situation. The world isn’t a pyramid of you have X therefore you experience Y. The world isn’t that simple. For example, recently at the gym I had some girls staring at me and pretty sure giving me the evil eye because of how much I was lifting or what I was doing because god forbid I am not walking on an incline on a treadmill or some more common form of socially normalised exercise for a woman to do.. I have been in professional environments where it’s been made abundantly clear that a dude I’m working with would rather I was a man. No perfect formula, no perfect path for everyone to follow, and whenever this kind of thing occurs I remind myself: you can’t please everybody, not everyone is going to like you- do you think everyone else is living their life for you to like them? No. Just do what’s right for you. 💪😎
User Image jennkrusinski Posted: Feb 6, 2018 8:37 PM (UTC)
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Oh my how I love this! As a former little-girl-who-was-gonna-change-the-world, my activist muscles are in constant twitch mode! “I need to save this and speak out about that and who’s doing anything about this and grrrrr what more can I do about THAT?” And then I remind myself that getting women well and teaching girls to rise, that’s my thing❤️ That with my help, Women and Girls can be MORE — stronger, healthier, louder, “self-care-takers” — and create change in their parts of the world. 🙌🏽. 💃🏻 Just feelin’ good about what I do. It’s a good thing and I’m so proud of every single client. Hurt people hurt people. But strong, healthy, empowered women and girls? They help people because they know how to help themselves. ❤️
User Image thressa Posted: Feb 10, 2018 1:19 PM (UTC)

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Feminism in 2018. Bring it. #feminism2018 #feministart #feministartist Artist credit: Alex Bertulis Fernande
User Image jeb_01 Posted: Feb 4, 2018 4:58 PM (UTC)

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jeb_01 2w ago
Feeling so moved by the centenary anniversary of women gaining the vote.
So proud to be a woman and a mother to daughters. I will always strive for the equality of women and feel immense pride at being a mancunian as it's in our great city that suffrage began.

#womensvotecentenary #suffragettes #emmelinepankhurst #madeinmanchester #feminism2018
User Image chanclakhan Posted: Feb 2, 2018 2:44 PM (UTC)

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If your 'feminism' deprives working-class women from perfectly respectable and fun jobs they enjoy, I want nothing to do with it.
I mean what could be more 'feminist' than the total erasure of women without their consent??? (Headdesk)
#formula1 #gridgirls #upperclassfeminism #bullshit #f1 #rant #feminism2018
Raised by a single mom who taught me that chivalry goes both ways. She went back to college and was one of the first women in her field. She worked her way up in her company. She kissed scuffed knees and could fix the lawn mower. She showed me that femininity, compassion, determination, grit, respect and authority can live in the same body.
Feminism does NOT mean man hating.
"Feminism is eqality: politically, socially, and economically. It is that simple.”
-Emma Watson

The word 'feminism' is scary and intimidating, I get it. But the meaning behind it is simply love and equality. So many people don't want to identify as feminist, but I think everyone should. No, I'm not going to burn my bras, stop shaving my legs, and I'm not going to picket outside the Whitehouse. I'm going to embrace my freedom and hopefully be an example to the younger generation of boys and girls.
To me, feminism means the gender wage gap need to be closed. It means any man (or woman) who is guilty or rape or molestation, needs to be in jail (talking to you, Larry Nassar). It means that men and women need to be seen for their mind instead of their body. It means that a woman does not have a role she has to play. It means she gets to create her role in society. Please don't tell me I need to get married right out of high school or off a mission, please don't tell me I need to have babies and please don't tell me that my job is in the home. Women can make an informed decision to do or not do these things themselves.

A woman who is mother to six children is not more valuable to a society than a successful business woman, and vice versa. They are equally wonderful. What a blessing that my mom was both ♥️ @nielsonsharla

#feminist #feminism2018 #equality #mymomisboss #leadbyexample #equalityisfeminism #ethical #evertreeclothing #beheard #gotohelllarrynassar #rapecultureisreal #bethechange #vegan
User Image nattylightyears Posted: Jan 27, 2018 10:45 PM (UTC)

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User Image amandadecadenet Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:12 PM (UTC)

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I love hearing friends and allies talk about feminism. Kiera has been talking about equality for many years and no one wanted to hear about it . Now the female focused sound bite is what everyone wants,and whilst part of me thinks “ about fucking time “ the great, new reality is that if a media outlet ISN’T talking about gender equality they are missing out on current events in a big way . Feminism has now become news and not a niche conversation and for that I am so extremely grateful, because for many years that has not been the case. #Feminism2018
User Image get_tf_up Posted: Jan 20, 2018 10:12 PM (UTC)

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Well, I mean, SOMEBODY HAD TO say it...LMAO... Here's a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to every Sistahguhl of ours making them tracks today @the OFFICIAL WOMEN'S MARCH 2018, in OAKLAND, CALI. We're with ya.

User Image theashleyhand Posted: Jan 20, 2018 8:11 PM (UTC)

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Shout out to all the humans who marched, posted, ranted, protested and otherwise spread the word against misogyny and sexism today! #heroes #neverthelessshepersisted #feminism2018

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