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Little tattoo action for ya. Stanley the seahorse was so much fun!
User Image mylatifloria Posted: Nov 18, 2017 4:06 AM (UTC)
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Changed things up a bit @aubreymennella did amazing work piecing together & turned into a memorial piece 💕Forget me not's and a Rose for Elvi & Irene 💙🌿🌹
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Leg piece is really starting to look like it’s starting to come together! Love progress shot. Fun naming all the ocean babies! Thanks for the trust and laughs @michellenicole333 @liquidambertattoo
User Image chasitychantae Posted: Nov 18, 2017 3:28 AM (UTC)
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Before any reinventing or forward movement, we must start from a strong, loving, secure base of self-worth. If we don’t believe we are deserving of a big bold bright existence, it will never happen. And what I’m finding and exploring more and more is that this self-love, this ability to believe we are deserving, boils down to the ability to declare “I am enough.” I tattooed "Enough" on my finger as a constant reminder of a foundation I have fought hard to build. <3 #chasitychantae #iamenough #enough #enoughtattoo #femaletattooartist #mantra #tattooedmyself
*fan fare* the time has come! My next flash sheet is available y’all, ranging from $30-$60! I want to thank everyone who gave me a spot on their skin and I can’t wait to continue growing and improving. For pricing, questions, and to set appointments please email me at these pieces are on a first come first serve basis via email ONLY. Thank you! 💕

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