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8 years
2920 days
70,080 hours
2 kids
100’s of fights/makeups
2 cities/4 homes
A handful of times I wanted to give up
65 the number of anniversaries I still want to spend with you
0 the number of things I’d change #8yearanniversary #mylove #mybestfriend #feelingsappy #lovethisman #betterhalf
So glad Autumn came into my life. We clicked so immediately and I'm so glad we remained friends. There are so many people I shoot with and never talk to again really, but Autumn stuck around. I'm always so thankful for the people photography has brought into my life 🌞 #feelingsappy
No matter what happens in my life she always remains my person, my best friend and my rock. Love you sissy 💖🙋🏼 #feelingsappy
Excuse my sap.. but this kid has been my rock since 1997. When my “only child” title expired at the age of 3 and a half,I didn’t know what to expect. As I got older, I always wondered what this thing I had been calling my little brother would be like when we were older. I wasn’t too fond of him at first because I wanted a sister, and let’s be real, what little girl wants to play with boys? We fought, just like normal siblings do, but we played together, too. He let me play hot wheels with him as long as I let him play barbies with me, we played sports and rough housed and played with all the neighborhood kids. And as we got even older in middle school and high school we became even closer, either had some of the same friends or were friends with other brother and sister duos who were our ages. Some people even think we’re twins, and sometimes we let them believe we are because, well we are twins at heart. Now here we are as adults, still close, and he’s still one of my best friends. Nothing can ever break the bond that we have; not a 7 hour distance, not a job, not a relationship, not even a fight/disagreement. At 3 and a half years old not knowing what to expect from a little brother, I never expected to be as close as we are, or to be able to count on him to be there when I need him, or for me to be as proud of him as I am for getting a big boy job and being as awesome as he is to his girlfriend (which I can only hope to be loved by someone even half the amount that he does Alexis) or for just simply being the man that the little baby boy born in ‘97 turned into. He is my little brother, my twin at heart, and my best friend. I love ya, Goober!! 💙 #littlebrother #myrock #siblings #brother #bestfriend #twinatheart #lovehim #siblinglove #feelingsappy
Charles Taggart Krueger was named after my beloved great aunt Sarah Taggart. She remains one of the most special women I have ever met. An adventurer at heart, so bold and brave for her era. She did things quietly, without fanfare or ceremony. Worked hard and did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. Even though she never got the opportunity to meet Frankie (who was almost Sarah), or her namesake, they will know her...and someday have the opportunity to split tuna salad on Melba toast and an icy cold Coke while telling tales of travel and adventure. #thankful #feelingsappy #friendsgiving #ifyouneedmeillbepolishingsilverware #namesake #traditions #silver #givethanks #bebold #takechances #adventure #thanksgiving #placecards #silverwarewrap
Picking flowers, finding bugs, watching him discover the world around him is one of my favorite parts of motherhood. It's the simplest moments like these that I want to hold onto ♡
#afewofmyfavoritethings #everydaymoments #nothingisordinary #findingjoy #simplepleasures #getoutside #natureschool #dandelions #wildandfreechildren #feelingsappy #hesgrowingtoofast
Time flies when you’re having fun! Can’t believe I’ve known you for over 5 years now! It’s been a blast hanging out with you today. Glad you were born. #alwaysaPBF #feelingsappy #daylatergram #butitoldherinpersonontherealday 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️😘
don't know how I got so lucky. completely blessed to have this man by my side. 👲🏻❤️ #tbt #feelingsappy
I waited 25 years, two months, four days and 47 minutes to find you.
Basically, my lifetime.
And without a single second thought, you are completely worth every second I had to wait.
I danced competitively for a long time. My dance family was my second family and my studio, another home. A lot of life has changed since then, but it's always in your blood. Sometimes I miss it so much, my breath catches in my chest, but I am thankful for those times and the people who made it so memorable!
#feelingsappy #andnostalgic #onceadanceralwaysadancer
My parents gave this to me 25+ yrs ago and I still hang it in every home I have lived in. It still holds true in relationships today 💖#unconditionallove #friends #parents #feelingsappy
My sister, queen, mother of this beautiful child, best friend. So grateful for you and our relationship. Thank you for being the mom I wasn’t ready to be. Thank you for allowing me to have the relationship with Olivia that isn’t ordinary in the adoption community. You are such an extraordinary person and mom for that. I love you ❤️
Some people call letting go of phases bitter-sweet. I think it's just plain sad to let go of the first phase of life knowing it's the last time I'll ever experience it. Growing up is hard and exciting all at the same time. I'm excited to see him grow and learn new things. Life is always an adventure with this little guy! Mama is ready for it, Benjamin. ❤
#growingup #raisingboys #boymom #lifeisanadventure #nomorebabies #mybaby #feelingsappy #momlife #rightofpassage #nolongerababy #toddler #babyben #lastchild #feelingcomplete
From Daytona spring breaks, to Caribbean adventures, to Europe in a few lifelong #mcm and favorite travel companion. Wouldn't want to explore this world with anyone else ✈ #feelingsappy #startedfromthebottom
how can my heart hold so much love for this human being
#feelingsappy #missyouTy

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