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User Image ru.n.awa.y Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:07 AM (UTC)

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User Image ru.n.awa.y Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:10 AM (UTC)

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I’m sick of boys who pretend they care. 
Who lift you up to the clouds 
only to let you fall to the ground a moment later. 
Boys who kiss your forehead 
and promise everything will be okay. 
Boys who make you open up
and show every one of your flaws, 
only to wish you hadn’t.
I’m sick of boys who use me. 
Who grab at my waist 
until it grabs my friend’s attention. 
Boys who bite my neck 
when the girl he used to love walks by. 
Who fill my every crack with love and passion 
but only until ‘she’ realises what she’s missing.
I’m sick of boys who confuse me. 
Who tell me they’re in love 
but flirts with every other girl. 
Boys who hold my hand one day 
and walk past me another. 
Who bring light into my life
but also with darkness and pain.
I’m sick of boys who make me feel like my heart is breaking. Who’s name makes me shiver 
but also makes me hurt. 
Boys who make me wish I could be someone else, 
just to make them happy. 
Who destroy my whole world,
but don’t even seen to notice.

Late night confessions in my mind. (via littlebrokenthoughts)
User Image ru.n.awa.y Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:10 AM (UTC)

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January 18th. I got reunited with my choir family earlier tonight and that felt so, so good. We were all really excited to finally spend time together and sing along. Guys : I can’t tell you how much I already LOVE the songs we started learning ! It was so special to hear all the voices. It’s funny how the sopranos moved me during the first semester, tonight it was the tenors. But my altos’ fam really shook me too, can’t wait to experience our new songs to their fullest.
I remember my sister and I staring at this artwork by a woman who made me think about the feeling of disembodiment we can get when we — willingly or not — want ourselves or others to forget about us. Or when we are overwhelmed by too strong emotions and want to disconnect from others reality to evolve in ours. It was mesmerizing and made me think of myself and ways to process my feelings, once again. I really can lose it sometimes and I guess it’s because my soul is not on the same page my mind is. So yes, sometimes I need to escape my body to realize what’s happening in my head and learning how to do it helped me understanding myself better. It’s a good way to stay well-balanced to me. ⚖️ Credits : @tricyablanchier, July 2017. I don’t remember the name of this artist since I lost the picture I took of her name but if you do, please : enlighten me.
User Image mindinwriting Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:24 AM (UTC)

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i spend my days doing the same monotonous activities. i am scared to take risks and i find comfort in routine, but beyond routine and comfort are incredible things that i am too fearful to reach for. my lack of ambition and drive are nothing but faults of my own, which lead me to believe things will just "somehow" work out on their own. although i know this is not the case, my fear-driven mind leads me to believe that it is. so this right here is a documented statement for myself to be held accountable for no longer letting fear be the root of my existence cause really, everyone else is pretty scared too.
User Image effedeoh Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:12 AM (UTC)

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~ Blanco & Negro utilizo el efecto
le trato de dar un toque distinto
a lo imperfecto,
es cierto la cara es de muerto..
pero apuesto que no es solo espanto
porque dicen que tengo algo de apuesto,
o al menos es un supuesto
yo solo rimo esto
con ganas de escribir algo
utilizando algún pretexto.
Palabras empleo como si fuera mi empleo
uso la misma palabra para dos frases
que ahora creó,
me la creo y en mi mente suena genial!
me gustaría a cada rima escrita mía
encontrarle la mejor instrumental,
buenas noches a este párrafo
le llegó su punto final. #lyrics #feelings #high #l4l #instachile #boy #effect #black #and#white

EffeDeOh ~
User Image taflinev Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:12 AM (UTC)
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Things to be grateful for : @peachandcake bringing me flowers and making me feel oh so loved #feelings

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