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<< Masturbas a mi corazón y no quieres que se vengan mis sentimientos. >> #Instagram #Instalike #Likeforlike #Nosequeweamas #Fea
📖Open Roleplay📖
Robin has been shielding herself from her husband and her children ever since she went back to the castle where her father was. She found some books and have been reading them and it has woken a darker part within her. After finishing reading them she left without saying a word and she's been plotting something dark and evil. She didn't feel like anyone will join her so she didn't ask anyone. When she was planning out something she realized someone watching her. She chuckled and turns to where they were. "Come out. I won't hurt you~" she said smirking widely.
Artist: (it didn't say where it was from)
#fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #fireemblemawakeningrobin #fearobin #fireemblemrobin #fea
Cada día doy gracias a Dios porque me regala un nuevo día,
Todo los día ahi que poner los pies sobre la tierra ya que la vida es como un enchufe que el dia que lee desconecta no hay más nada que hacer, por eso ahi que darle la gracias a Dios no por cada minutos ni horas que nos regala, sino por cada segundo que nos regala.
Se lo dice la #negra #fea.
"Wiesz co sie zmieniło ?to ze w pewnym momencie przestalyśmy szczerze rozmawiac"💉#polishgirl #followforfollow #warsawgirl #babygirl #fea #instagirls #baby #likeforlike 💗🌎🔐
Bajar los brazos no es una opción 🍐💎❤️#fea #domingo Contigo sería de Palomino 🎶

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