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I was tagged by @live.long.and.polish to post 20 of my favourite things 💕 I tag.... @nail_polish_nail_art_ , @chelseasnailstory , @926polish, @mynailsdid, and anyone else who wants to join in! What are yours ladies?

I have many more but here are 20:
• love • family • friends
• nail art 💖• IG & my followers 😘
• henna tattoos - this gorgeous pic was posted by @hennabydivya
• ink tattoos - I have 1 so far 😉• makeup • gaming - (video games) yes, I'm a nerd • tequila • the sun
• hot yoga • the beach
• sleeping in • bubble baths
• playing baseball • Drake ❤️• Kaskade 💜 • Settlers of Catan • Camping
1. I have been bullied all my life.
2. I have been cutting for two years.
3. Daffodils are my favourite flowers.
4. The last boy I was with unexpectedly left me for a girl I was just starting to become really good friends with.
5. I have green eyes.
6. I'm bi.
7. When I told my mom this, she freaked and screamed and told me it was a phase.
8. I've always been envious of my best friend for being skinnier then me.
9. Music, drinking, and smoking are my escape.
10. If I could, I would live off if tea, fruit, chocolate, and sushi.
11. I've moved 17 times in the past 14 years
12. My parents split up when I was three and my brother was 3 months old.
13. The guy I lost my virginity too pressured me into it, treated me like shit, and broke my heart.
14. In always lonely.
15. I'm French Canadian.
16. I've been playing fiddle for 9 years.
17. I've been skiing since I was three.
18. I spent all last year crying in school.
19. I need to lose 32 pounds.
20. Cats and books and doctor who and Sherlock and forests are my favorite things. #followforfollow #followme #f4f #20facts #girl #ana #mia #depressed #anorexic #killme#badday #love #life #quotes #likethis #fav20 sad #facts