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User Image roseridgefarmoh Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:59 AM (UTC)

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Lots of behind the scenes work goes on at a farm in winter. Also training for the Olympics. 😉
User Image brentthomp10 Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:58 AM (UTC)

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User Image iamtysia Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:56 AM (UTC)

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Fighting through an unusually persistent case of jet lag but slowly getting back into cooking. Today we loved this caramelized cauliflower with herbs, pine nuts, lime, sumac and yogurt (with a dusting of my new, beautifully fragrant Icelandic grey lava and thyme salt 💛🤓) from the Bäco cookbook. Disappeared from our plates very quickly. 👌
So much brilliant color + flavor piled on a crunchy tostada🍉🍍🐟🥑🌶🥒 Today’s lunch was my 2nd visit to @corazoncocinasb this week for their fresh fish + fruit ceviche + I’m already craving more👅 If you haven’t gone yet — get to it!⚡️

🍠🍠🍠 明日、お汁に入れていただきましょうね。


User Image gio_gelati Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:52 AM (UTC)
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Some #yelpers came since we opened on Monday! 😊🙏🏼 @yelpsf Janessa Jane M. 📸 reviewed: “I can safely say, I’ve found my new favourite gelato spot! [...] You can definitely taste every flavour that goes into the gelato, and texture is #suprime! [...] I tried the #chocolate wafer gelato. It was to die for!!” 😍😋💝

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User Image spinknitlove12 Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:51 AM (UTC)

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I don't post too many pictures of our work at school but if you were interested in an update, our #hydroponics system is thriving! #fltcc #farmtotable
User Image hannahnicole137 Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:46 AM (UTC)
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Horrible pictures of the most delicious dinner for @danielaleba's birthday 🎉#farmtotable #market17
User Image therowanberrytree Posted: Jan 20, 2018 1:13 AM (UTC)

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When you’ve been busy, but your chickens have been too!
@whole30 eats I’ve been enjoying. It’s kind of like an egg, meat, veggie. Repeat. Fruit, nuts, nut butter. Repeat. Almond milk, cinnamon, turmeric. Repeat. Not pancakes. Do not eat pancakes if you’re on the Whole30! I promise I’m not complaining and I know I signed up for this. 💁🏼‍♀️On the real though: I am feeling SO damn good!! I am nourished by real foods that do not cause bloat or brain fog. I’m well rested. I feel strong! I am pushing my body pretty hard and she’s responding well. (I’m pushing close to my PR watts consistently which I haven’t been able to do for a few months. That feels REALLY good. I can’t wait to beat myself! 😆)My energy levels are high. My mind is clear. I’m excited to see what 71 more days on this journey will do for my mind, my gut, and my muscles. 😻Send me a DM if you have been wanting to tackle a Whole30 but just don’t know where to start or if you feel like you don’t have enough support. 💚
User Image rusteakcollegepark Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:40 AM (UTC)

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User Image realeverythingblog Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:34 AM (UTC)

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I started #morevegetablesthanavegetarian because I was a vegetarian for 7 years. Paleo often gets attacked as a meat-only diet, but that’s not the case. .
We approach this life style with the same emphasis on plant-based nutrition (remember our recent emphasis on 8+ servings of veggies!), but also believe humans are adapted to eat meat. However, my compassion and concern for the animals and earth never changed. .
My brother, in fact went vegan when I went back to eating meat so he’s been meat-free for over 20 years! We are able to easily accommodate both of us at family meals! .
Listen to how I approach talking to others’ choices and respecting them in this week’s The Paleo View. Episode 283 in iTunes or listen on the web:
#eattherainbow #healthy #healthyfamily #grassfed #butcher #allnatural #farmtotable #slowfood #paleokids #nutrients #nutrientdense #shoplocal #shopsmall #ontheblog
User Image themarketgarden_ Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:32 AM (UTC)

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We are getting ready for artisans to start adding their inventory at! 🌱
User Image ccspencer Posted: Jan 20, 2018 3:04 AM (UTC)
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