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"I mark the hours, every one. Nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value unto you, are ganged by what you have to do." ⏳ #giratempo#hermionegranger#harrypotter#acquistiimportanti#domenichealternative#fieradiverona#cosplay#fantastica#grazieamore💗
User Image pia.edberg Posted: Mar 19, 2018 6:10 AM (UTC)
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📖🌱🦄🐌🦇🐢Late night reading. Have you ever read this? I mean really read this? I am in love with the metaphor of the ‘Nothing’ that the creatures and world of Fantastica get sucked into which represents the corporate world and social rules that shut down our imaginations and creativity.

And the more we get sucked into it, the bigger the Nothing grows and destroys Fantastica. And when a creature from Fantastica falls into the Nothing they become human, and become a Lie and can never return to imagination.

And both lies and imagination/creativity come from the same place, but one is darker/evil and the other is light/good. And it’s Bastian’s mission to overcome the lie and be brave enough to go against social conditioning and his fear (he was bullied badly for who he was) and use his imagination to come up with a name for the Childlike Empress (Moonchild) and connect with his true self! Moonchild is love, spirit, universe and we must do what we are truly meant to do or she will die. The universe will die because she/we is not being fully expressed. Heartbreaking!

And later, when Bastian must make wishes to rebuild Fantastica, his stories and wishes become reality and the land’s history. Anything one can imagine, is happening on another dimension, such as a place like Fantastica. And we must hold onto to these stories and do something with them in order for the universe, or Moonchild, to survive. Such a beautiful, deep and spiritual book!!!

#theneverendingstory #bastian #atreyu #falkor #childlikeempress #fantastica #fantasia #creativity #imagination #love #life #spiritual #fantasy #universe #book #reading #novel
User Image caroliinee_luna Posted: Mar 19, 2018 3:09 AM (UTC)

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La amistad es una matemática perfecta que duplica las alegrías y divide las preocupaciones
#friends #locadivertida #fantastica #100friends
User Image anynha.silva.507 Posted: Mar 19, 2018 2:45 AM (UTC)

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Manutenção de Gel da minha querida @sarahferraril é sempre um prazer te atender muitas risadas uma pessoa incrível 😍
#Aninhaunhas #Maosdefadas #Nudechic #Lagrimadevenus #Fantastica 👸💃💅💅💋💓💫💄
User Image isma_brig_ Posted: Mar 18, 2018 10:41 PM (UTC)

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Sì sempre ed ancora Lei !

Tu che mi fai emozionare in vari momenti :
• Quando ti vedo in TV
• Quando ti sento
• Quando mi parlano di Te
• Quando parlo di Te
E non parliamo di :
• Quando sono ai tuoi concerti ! 😍😍😍 Una sola parola per descriverti non basta, sei importantissima per me !
Mi aiuti ogni giorno, quando sono felice, quando sono triste, quando sono nostalgica, quando sono pensierosa...SEMPRE !

Sei UNICA e lo sarai per sempre ! 💖💖💖 #laurapausini #LP #RaiUno #Rai1 #Chetempochefa #Fantastica #FattiSentire #NED #Nonèdetto #Fantastico #album #25anni #25annidicarriera

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