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User Image caluminhood Posted: Jan 22, 2018 12:26 PM (UTC)

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Man spreading is soo fing annoying
User Image logan.paul_fanfics Posted: Jan 22, 2018 12:00 PM (UTC)

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Chapter 25 "Don't Go Away 💙"
Your POV*
Y:wooow! I'm going to start unpacking right now!!! K: so is your mind of Logan now? I look down at the floor N:BRO! K:You know what me and Nathan will uhh just leave. I start unpacking my stuff and I get a call, It's from Logan
~Phone Call~
L: Heyy
y: hi Logan
L: Look I'm sorry when I edit my vlog today I'll edit that part out of you ok?
Y: Thanks, Hey Logan? Wanna come over?
L: Sure why not
Y:I'll send you the address.
~End of Call~
I send logan the address to the house he said he will be there in about 20 mins. So I'll just finis unpacking my stuff as I finish I hear a knock on the door Y: ILL GET IT! I open the door to see Logan, we hug for a solid 5 minutes, all of the sudden I see flashing lights from the corner of my eye Y: Shit!!! Get in as Logan walks in the paparazzi snap a photo of me, I close the door and bring logan into my room. We start talking, Kade and Nathan walked into the room K: Hey yn me and Nathan are going out for a bit ohh hi uhh Logan. L: Hi kade. They walk out, once I heard the door close from outside I started talking again. Y: Soo uh Logan wanna go swimming? There is a pool in the back yard.. *swipe* L:suure 😏 I playfully slap Logan's chest. He walks out and a change into my bathing suit *swipe again* I text Kade asking how long they would be out he said till about 9, I go out and Logan in just his boxers 😍 Y: We have untill 9. L: that is plenty of time for what I'ma do to u. He picks me up and runs to the pool and throws me in. Logan comes closer and wraps his hands around my waist, I put my arms around his neck and my legs around hi waist he leans in and kisses me I kiss back. We then heard a drone above us. I quickly hide my face, Y: Logan!! L: don't worry babe I'll carry u back in. Logan picks me up and brings me back inside I go to my bedroom and change it was 8:46 L: I'm gonna go to bed I've had a looong day. Mind if I uhh stay here tonight Y: Yes, I do mind, Logan a drone was just above us wacthing us L: fine I'll go. He walks out the door and went home. What did I just do!

#loganpaul #fanfics #loganpaulfanfics #logang #beamaverick
User Image official_turko Posted: Jan 22, 2018 11:06 AM (UTC)

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My name is Turko. I from Russia. I am 32 years old. I work in the oil sphere, but since the childhood, I dreamed to act in at film. I have no actor's skills and education, but my dream, she still lives in me. I very much hope that sometime, I will go to America, and in particular to Hollywood, and can be there, having met the necessary people, I will be able to find myself in this genre of life. Thanks for attention.#justindb #juju #justinbiebers #justinbieber #bieberpower #bieberfans #beiber @prilaga #jb #believe #forever #justindrewbieber #sexy #fanfics #biebs #instabeliebers #boyfriend #justinbiber #beiberfever #cool #prilaga #justin #bieberfever #bieberlove #fanpage #biebz #justinb #belieber #bieber #concert #justinbieberswag
User Image delonixxis Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:25 AM (UTC)

0 Gingham ♡ So I decided to download amino and I created my own, so If you want to join - it'll be a place for fangirls/boys who love slash #amino #shipswelove #gay #group #community #boyslove #girlslove #yaoi #yuri #love #fanart #fanfics #online
User Image alphaere.n Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:12 AM (UTC)

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I found a love, for me 💕
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead 💜😌
Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone, waiting for me.
[]Artist: Dinklebert[]

If I find my love out there I'll fucking sing this song to them and sing any song they request idc.

#KurokoNoBasket #Anime #ShingekiNoKyojin #SnK #AttackOnTitan #AOT #FairyTail #OTP #Ship #JPop #Haikyuu #Durarara #Free! #Ackerman #Jaeger #Arlert #OVA #DRAMAticalMurder #OuranHighschoolHostClub #Food #AoHaruRide #AnimeGuys #Noragami #Fanfics #Cosplay #Otaku #Posters #TokyoGhoul #Yato
User Image hanniefanfics.___ Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:46 AM (UTC)

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Chapter 8:
*the next day*
A: Goodmorning!
H: Good morning
A: Do you want to take the kids ziplining today?
H: Sure
A: Lets go wake then up
H: K
A: *open the door*
H: *opens the curtains*
A: Kids wake up!
AR: No! It's too early mommy
H: We're gonna go on a adventure!
AR: I'm up
HY: Me too
A: Lets go get ready and then we eat breakfast!
HY+AR: Okay.. *they all get ready*
A: Let's eat downstairs
H: Cmon *carries Hyatt*
A: *holds Ari's hand*
H: Cmon
*they went down*
A: What do you wanna eat?
HY: Pancakes
AR: Ya.. We too
A: Ok.. Lets go here *they walk to the pancake area*
*they all got their food + they eat*
*hotel room*
H: Who's ready for zip lining!?
AR+HY: Meeeee!!!! A: Okay, lets go
*they get out of the hotel*
*zip lining*
A: I'll go with Ari.. You go with Hyatt
H: K
TG(tourguide): Okay.. Lets go here
*they all follow*
TG: who wants to go first?
A: You go first Hay.. H: K
*Hayden and Hyatt went on the zip line*
TG: You ready?
HY: Yes!
TG: *release them*
HY: *screaming*
TG: Now you're turn
*Annie and Ari went on the zip line*
TG: 321 go *release them*
AR: this is fun!
A: *laughing*
*they all go off*
AR: That was fun!
HY: Again! Again!
A: Okay.. *they have done zip lining*
AR: I want to eat
H: What do you want to eat?
AR: Pizza
HY: Ya! Pizza! Pizza!
H: Okay.. Okay.. A: *laughs*
*they went to eat pizza*
Hayden's POV:
After eating Hyatt ending up falling asleep.. So we need to get to the hotel
AR: Mommy.. I'm gonna take a bath
A: Okay sweetie
AR: *take a bath*
*they all take a bath*
A: Do you want to go to the luau tomorrow night?
AR: I want
H: Okay.. We'll go
AR: yay! I want to watch a movie
A: What movie?
AR: Ummmm.. Little Mermaid
A: Okay thenn... H: I'll be with Hyatt
AR: Ok
A: *smiles*
*they watch the movie*
Annie's POV:
Ari ending up falling asleep so I need to ask Hayden if he could sleep with Hyatt tonight
A: Hayden.. H: Yes
A: Do you mind sleeping with Hyatt tonight?
H: Sure
A: K.. Goodnight
H: Good night
A: I love you
H: Love you more
*they kiss*
Comment "💝" for more!! #hannie#hannieisreal#hanniefanfics#fanfics#annieleblanc#haydensummerall
User Image hanniefanfic.s Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:04 AM (UTC)

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Chapter 4
Annie’s POV
??-My name is Liv, what’s your name rat
A-Annie Leblanc
L-Ohhhh Annie Lebitch
Rg-Leave her alone you bitch
Rg-what’s wring with you liv?
Then a girl came up and she looked angry.
??-What the hell?! Ugh just leave her alone, oh and SHAME!! You’re not miss.Perfect Anymore!
L-Ugh just get out,BTW I never liked you guys idk why hung out with you have fun in your popular group with out me!!
The girl comes to me
??-Hi I’m so sorry about Liv! Wanna hangout out with me friends.
??-BTW my name Jayden
I looked at Jayden she was soooo pretty.
J-We can meet them at lunch!!what class do you have?
J-Same!! Let’s go
While we were walking to class I had to ask her a few questions
A-What does Liv mean about you being popular coz if you are you’re really nice for being ‘popular’
J-It’s true we are popular, but don’t worry we are nice.
A-So is Liv your friend or something?
J-We all used to be friends until one day we found out Liv had just been using us for popularity,but at that time she was the most popular girl at the school, we tried to ditch her but she said that she would spread lyes about us.
A-That’s awful! What a bitch
J-She’s more than a bitch 😂
A-Why does she hate me?
J-Because you’ve taken her spotlight! But she doesn’t deserve the spotlight!
We then walk into class.
The class goes by really really fast and it was time for lunch.I followed Jayden and we came into the cafeteria.We sit next to a group of people. So sit down
J-So this is Johnny,Conner,Caden,Maddie,Dylan she’s Cadens Sister,Kenzie and Hayden Kenzie and Hayden are dating!
Hayden,No stop it he has a girlfriend!You haven’t even met him.
J-Guys this is Julianna,but she prefers to be called Annie
M-Ohhh Annie that’s a cute name!!
Hayden’s POV
Annie,she’s so cute! Not stop it Hayden you have Kenzie she’s the girl of your dreams!! Plus you haven’t even met the girl?!
K-So do you have any siblings.
Annie’s POV
When Kenzie asked that question I started to tear up.
K-Are you ok?
J-Yeah are you ok?
L-Are you ok?
A-I’m sorry, it’s just a sensitive topic, but if you just know I had a twin brother,Caleb who just passed away a few weeks ago, but I have alittle sister,Hayley
User Image kaleuonia Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:52 AM (UTC)

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—so tired + i have no friends anymoreeee )): kinda anxious but at least im going to the gym today.
make sure to follow if you enjoy my writing <3
User Image fanpagejdb_drew Posted: Jan 13, 2018 9:07 AM (UTC)

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