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'Bout to leave the crib with a couple of my pirates
Driving by the streets we used to walk through like a triumph ... 💕King of the fall💕 #xo#crewlife #downtown 🚷#slick #breath #weed 🍃 🍃 #fancylife #xotwod❤️🔥❌⭕️🔥 ##kingofthefall #kingofthefallfans
Two weeks left of 80 Day a Obsession! Round one that is!!! This program is EVERYTHING!!! It’s made me so much stronger....physically & MENTALLY! It’s taught me to PUSH through even when I didn’t feel like it. To keep going even when I’m tired. TO FOCUS!!! To listen to my body and TAKE CARE of it through self care. It’s taught me that NUTRITION is a system! Our body doesn’t function properly when we eat whatever...whenever!
ITS REMINDED ME THAT I AM CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE!!!!! That I’m pretty freaking amazing and STRONG! It’s given me CONFIDENCE 🙌🏻 2 more weeks to go!!!!! Determined to give it ALL OF ME!
If you want something you have to FIGHT FOR IT!!!!! #drabtofablife #80DayObsession
Our babies 💕 The looks on their faces describe their personalities! Bentley is very proper & distinguished. He’s all boy, no time for cuddles or kisses from Mom. Sophie is just all heart, sweet innocence and luuuuvs to play and give kisses. In fact her feelings are hurt if you don’t accept her kisses 😂 It’s crazy how they have stolen our hearts. Can’t imagine life without them. #chowchow #chow #drabtofablife
Saturday night cocktail for me....(vegan vanilla, spinach & banana shake) and popcorn for my dear Hubby and Bentley bear 🤗 No place id rather be 💜 #drabtofablife @pajmohager @twobearsandakitty @shakeology
Just over here whipping up some PUMPKIN OATMEAL pancakes for dinner! Fixate approved! .
When started my journey I honestly had no idea what clean eating meant! I used to eat and literally immediately after felt SICK!!! But I had no idea why. Now I know it was the foods I was eating!!! .
If you’re looking for more recipes like these, message me for more info on a free trial to Beachbody on Demand
#80DayObsession #DrabtoFabLife
The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Stop all the commotion and noise going on inside your head and just listen.... #drabtofablife #dailycalm #meditation #yogainspiration
Monday morning! Got up early and did a little work before heading to the grocery store. But first Paj and I decided to stop at Mugs for a quick coffee ☕️ (and a breakfast casserole for PAJ)... cute little place and I love the vintage music 🎶

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